Wednesday , September 28 2022

Mii Trailer Comparison Live Live / Amiibo Live


Nintendo Mii Fighters revealed at Smash Bros. along with the presentation of amiibo in the same epic trailer, including the recent Nintendo President Satoru Iwata and President NoA Reggie Fils-Aimé in a live action combat sequence, intercuting with Smash Bros's gameplay movie. 4. Insisted this Mii – ahem trailer, I'm sorry to try to reproduce a close shot version to introduce my personal Mii Characters, TJ Hero and Dark TJ. Enjoy the direct comparison alongside this.

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Written by TJ Cencula

TJ joins the fight as the police behind the original Nintendo Inquirer series: Smash Supremacy, Mii V Mii and Custom Conquest. You may know it better as one of two changes: Mii TJ, the wonderful expression of TJ's inner child, and Dark TJ, his own shadow maligned manifestation.

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