Friday , August 19 2022

Microsoft to Talk the Next Gene Consoles in E3 2019


In June, Microsoft will travel to Los Angeles where the company will maintain its annual E3 note. And while Sony is not there, Microsoft does not keep back on making significant announcements.

Microsoft will not congratulate its next consoles until 2020 falls but the company is preparing to talk more about this year's hardware in E3, 2019, according to people who are familiar with plans & The company. Do not expect to hear prices yet, but the company wants to know that they are moving full steam in advance with upcoming Lockhart and Anaconda devices, and they will start to hide the onion on these two devices .

Last year, the company enjoyed Halo Infinite and that title will launch a game for the upcoming hardware. With a brand new game machine, the team behind the game is trying to make the story adjust to the decisions the user makes and the game may have More RPG (play game) elements than previous versions of the series.

What else will the company talk about? GamePass will receive a few updates this year and, of course, expect the company to highlight new titles that come to the platform as well.

Plans around the event are still coming together but the company starts locking down the headteacher's announcements. As the event is still about four months away, the company could change plans and modify their main notes, but now expect to hear more about the plans for Scarlett families of devices in E3 2019.

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