Netflix's decision was taken to look at all of their Marvel shows with anguish crew and confusing scratch. Shows like Daredevil a The Punisher, Scratched towards the end of the purge, are very popular. Since the minute Daredevil You got the axle, fans began to petition for returning. The supporters could not take less care if that form came from Netflix or another streaming service. Their petitions appear to fall on deaf ears, but one Daredevil Star fights alongside injective fans.

Kingpin's actor, Vincent D 'Onofrio has been hashtagging #SaveDaredevil throughout his social media pages, and he recently spoke to about the future of the show. He started by touching a relationship with the fans. "I deal a lot on Twitter and they know how I'll feel for their loyalty, and I'll appreciate their loyalty," said Onofrio. "I have always used their excitement to motivate me to try and do the best work I can play Fisk, and I hope to do it again."

"You know, I hope that Marvel will find some sort of location to do yet," he said. "But their loyalty and excitement have been useful for me to make the character, and now only … You know I'll be able to do it. & # These only people, they are enthusiastic and I think it's great. " Is this one of those cases where the studios meet the requirements of the fans? We hope so.