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Men's Violence Center opens a Medical First Clinic in Idaho to offer Testoserone Therapy through Telemedicine – Press Release

The Men of the Life Center is a medical clinic that focuses on treating men with low testosterone.

DALTON GARDENS, Idaho – December 12, 2018 – (

The new Men's Center of Humanity has opened the first medical clinic in Idaho to offer testosterone therapy using telemedicine developments. The clinic, co-established by the chief doctor Dr. Dan Getz, provides 100-virtual virtual testosterone treatment at 100 including testosterone replacement therapy and testosterone regeneration therapy. Dr Getz is now one of the first male hormone specialists to offer 100 percent virtual testosterone therapy.

Testosterone regeneration therapy is an innovative way, using prescription medicines that are commonly used to treat men's infertility. This treatment option has designed to restore the ability of the body to produce the best levels of testosterone naturally. Replacement therapy contains prescribed medications that contain the hormones that the patient body does no longer produce, such as testosterone, progesterone, estrogen or pituitary hormones.

With each new patient, the Medical team of the Center for Vision will evaluate general health and analyze laboratory results to determine suitability for treatment. Patients who start treatment receive prescriptions, which have been adapted to their needs and their specific symptoms. Telemedicine developments have made it possible for the Men's Center of Humanity Center medical team to see and treat patients for low testosterone in the comfort of their homes, offering a convenient cost-effective option for high quality medical care.

Patients have left positive references to the impact the Center of Violence has had on their lives. Adam Z writes, "I have been a patient of Violence for over three years, this treatment has made a very clear difference in my life. Before the procedure, my energy levels were low, I & # 39; I was tired of a lot of time, and it was hard for me to have a rest of quality. With this treatment, I'll feel that I have most most positive mood & It's time and my sleep has improved. I've started to go to the gym and I enjoy it! "

The Center of Men of Vision offers a free consultation. Appointments are made via video with the doctor on any internet based device. To find out more about the low testosterone treatment options and to arrange a consultation, visit

Center for Men of Vision

The Men's Center is a medical clinic that focuses on treating men with low test testing and has been established as Dr Getz recognizes the most important need for high quality medical men's hormone therapy in the North West Pacific . For more information, visit

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Human Intelligence Center Opens a Medical First Clinic in Idaho to offer Testoserone Therapy through Telemedicine

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