Sunday , August 7 2022

Meghan Markle started online to fly to NYC's baby shower in a private jet


Meghan Markle may have enjoyed a luxurious shower for babies in the City of York this week, but has learned that she is slammed for taking a private jet to get there.

Prince Harry's pregnant woman has resurfaced in the Big Apple on February 19 for a glam event at Hotel & Mark to celebrate her achievement that her child is soon to be in the future. According to a number of angry people, however, the Duchess' decision to fly privately goes against her own husband's climate change campaign.

One tweeter broke Markle online for being a hypocrisor.

"They are Personas of charities for those who are disadvantaged. The unclear cost of this journey is a complete hypocrisy. Not to mention the carbon footprint of taking a private jet," wrote a Twitter user.

The famous people Natalie Portman, Abigail Spencer and Benjamin Millepied joined the shower in the diva duck. According to reports, the NYC event cost $ 500,000, which was even more upsetting fans.

"WTF! It also had 2 Royal Defense officers, which cost a UK tax payer (sic)," a dumb user tweeted. "So all Meghan supporters say she has her own money … if she had used her $ 5 million bot to fund everything she would already be in debt #megxit".

The Royal Family, including the seven-month pregnant Duchess, has been very vocal about the need to look after the environment. A source from Radar said that Markle, 37, had set a two-point limit on Prince Harry in order to change climate and economic equality.

Following her glam shower on Tuesday, Thomas Markle's daughter enjoyed a night out with the BFFs Serena Williams and Jesica Mulroney at the unique Polo Bar restaurant at Ralph Lauren.

His friend Amal Clooney then said that Markle was back to the cross-Atlantic home.

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