Sunday , August 7 2022

Measles have been confirmed in the Fraser Health – Surrey Now-Leader region


Fraser Health announced on Wednesday that there was a breach case in its broadcasting area related to Vancouver cases.

Yet, Fraser Health has sent out letters on Thursday through the school areas in its broadcasting area saying that the known cases are restricted to Vancouver.

"A total of nine measles cases were confirmed at Vancouver Coastal with a case-confirmed case in Fraser Health Vancouver Coastal and Fraser Health work to identify and provide a public health continuity for any individuals who may have been open, "said Fraser Health on his website.

The health authority deals with flooding inquiries and questions about measles and vaccinations.

The local health authority in the letter sent through school areas stated that the nine measles cases were confirmed in three schools in Vancouver and had not appeared elsewhere.

"There is no evidence of transferring measles to the wider community in Vancouver or Fraser Health," said the school letter.

Black Press media Waiting for information from Fraser Health on the case in his broadcasting area and for the inconsistent information.

The health authority recommends that people check their vaccination records and that two vaccines provide up to 99 per cent of safety.

People should be calling 811 with questions about the illness, says the health authority.

People who are suspected that measles in their children or themselves are isolating the person as soon as possible and notifying the nearest public health department.

Symptoms & Boys

The measurable clinical introduction is a brush of three heat, coryza, convergence and a Koplik spot from two to four days following a surface-up and then generalized macropopopolastic vaccine. The infectious period may predict prodromal symptoms start day by day and will continue until four days after the rash starts.

Infection Control for the Breastfeeding Skeptics

All patients who present symptoms of measles (e.g., fever and rash) should be hidden immediately and placed on insulation precautions as soon as possible. Patients with a measles of measles should be placed under Outdoor Accurate (and disease precautions if air precautions are not available).

Transfer of measles can occur up to two hours after the person who has infected with measles left the room. Therefore, the clinic room used to assess a patient with measles law should not be used for two hours after the patient with suspicion is that the measles leave the room.

Advise patients to wear a mask after leaving the clinic and / or they are present to any other healthcare facility, such as a laboratory, emergency department or other clinic.

Testing for Measles

Collect NP and urine swab for isolation of PCR virus, and blood for serological tests (measles IgG and IgM). Specimens should be sent directly to the Provincial Laboratory.

Reporting to Public Health

Doctors who suspect measles should call their local Public Health Unit while the patient is still in attendance to instigate an immediate public health continuity, insulation and testing.

After office hours, call 604-527-4806, and ask the Medical Health Officer on call.

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