Friday , August 12 2022

Measles are in B.C. In 2019. So we have to talk.


Hesitancy vaccine is a top-10 global health threat. Children become ill, and some are dead, from illness that we should have to eliminate decades ago. Children who can not get vaccinated for health reasons are at risk with no fault themselves. In fact, the children of parents who voluntarily decide not to vaccinate at risk as they do not blame themselves too.

So we have to talk, people. But we have to do it without the usual screaming of corners' sides. There are a number of cases that are currently underway, including one in Vancouver, have proven that method does not work.

Why do people make the decision not to vaccinate? How can we access the legends that will guide us down that path, and how can we do it in a way that goes into them? What can governments do to increase the vaccination rate? How compulsory can we carry out safely proven vaccines? Why do not people think that science has proven – and why does one last study of more than 20 years ago still have so much power in such thoughts?

PERSONAL: Andre Picard, Health Reporter, The Globe and Mail

Audio credits to: CBC, City News, CTV, Global

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