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Matt Hardy On Return to WWE, The Woken Universe and More


Matt Hardy On Return to WWE, The Woken Universe and More

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From the end, Matt Hardy has been worried about retirement. In addition, Matt Hardy has also said he has not been his last match, and maybe he would be a good General Manager for Monday Night Raw.

Recently, Matt Hardy spoke to Riju Dasgupta from Sportskeeda for a possible return to WWE, retirement, and more. Below are some highlights:

Matt Hardy's WWE Revolution to The Woken / Broken Universe:

They were great supporters, once everyone started. Because it's something very different. Nothing was done at that level. Jericho was the one who facilitated all that. He had a link to watch the Final Delete before she came out. They were really in Japan. He saw the WWE locker room all.

After coming back and finally come to the point where we can become Woken, Matt Hardy, the Delete was High, considering that I had to do that in the main event slot on RAW, so honored. As the creation of Vince or WWE did not create, it's hard for them to get behind something like that.

Matt Hardy On Jeff's Brother Feud With Randy Orton:

I felt like the whole deal where Randy was doing all with his ear, I felt it was one of the most legal television stations you were in. reality where you really feel about the man. It was very simple and not complicated, but I felt it was very good.

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Matt Hardy On Possible Retirement:

No, it is not. I took time off to improve some incredible injuries and I'll be back faster rather than later. So, I've been doing the twenty six years. I was just a bit beaten. I had a short time off. From the time I've been back, for over a year and a half, I was full time. I did everything.

Jeff was away with the surgery, so only a short time he was away. I think Bray needs a little bit of time away. He had had a car crash. So, I think that only a short time was for everyone. So, I believe you will see Bray Wyatt's evolution and the evolution of Matt Hardy.

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