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Maple Leafs owes much to Tavares in the second trip to Long Island

It may be all elaborate alloy. Maple Toronto may only have sand on the front of the Stanley Playoffs Cup. Maybe all things Mike Babcock vs Kyle Dubas is a departure, a masterful creation to draw everyone's attention. Likewise with Frederik Andersen, crie de coeur unstable last week and the obesity stems from that for his workload.

Perhaps they are just a rope-the-doping of the world hockey going into the first round stars against the Boston Bruins. The Leafs see how Toronto birds of prey fans are bored of the long, slow procession to the players: how do birds of prey match with Kawhi Leonard's load load – I don't know, t can such a thing as managing emotional load? At any time, God blessed the Blind for making the inevitable as dramatic as possible, for testing the idea that what you kill cannot make you stronger.

You know what, however? I would like to see them a frightening night on Monday against New York Islanders in Coliseum County Nassau. There is only a small number of test tests ahead of The Brad Marchand Experience's daily run. Just to remind us that they have them. Enough of the too cold-to-school liquidation. Yes, the game has changed and what used to be revenge now is more often than not looking young but if someone is in a position to be tagged tonight than, what is the hell in? get it?

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But John Tavares is owed to the Blind. Great time. I mean, it's one thing to get your nose to rub in as a team. That happens. In fact, it happened to the Blind even when they were not good because, in the eyes of the rest of the league, there was always a sense of right that came with the comb, let alone the fact that half your own barn seems to be supportive of them. But what happened on February 28, in a 6-1 loss on Tavares' to return to the island? That was personal – predictable and a little witier than many of us thought it would – but still be personal. And on the day of the match, I remember watching a co-broadcast of The Michael Kay Show from New York City when they were discussing the return of Tavares with the point being made that hatred in New York can be a thing. passionately, that doesn't hate your chest, but rather one that continues to build, especially if the fans make sense that it makes a difference.

That game was lost, the second Babcock decided to start Garret Sparks on the second half of the backs after running out his number 1 – Andersen – the previous night against the franchise formerly known as Edmonton Oilers. It was a ridiculous decision: in a full season a lot of free play, here's a chance to put your best skate on and help you sign up your non-tent agent. Instead, Babcock was treated like another blah blah blah on Thursday night in February that would have been fine last season and it may be next season but for this season, at least, that was. n a stunning example of being deaf. Or perhaps you are all part of a grand scheme. Maybe the fact is that it is intended to go to this meeting that the Islanders would have had a play area and the leaf would still need another point to do that. It's a big, bold, beautiful plan that we can't understand. After all, this team has made a habit through the term of being too clever of half… t


Some random thoughts now that the first weekend of Blue Jays is in the books: t

• When Charlie Montoyo discusses mats, it is not always numerical. In fact, more often than not, we compare a rocking path to where the pitcher throws his fields. I know, John Gibbons might have used these things. But Montoyo at least tells us about it # communication

• Remember this by trade Kendrys Morales: international signed pool money is a draft trading baseball picks; Montoyo is the main presence of Latino anytime #gooddeal

• Kevin Pillar plays as a believer who came close to being trafficked to the Giants: 1-for-16, and through three games one ball hit the field. He has seen two or fewer fields in half of his bats #lefthisheartinSanFrancisco

• From the media relations department Jays: Freddy Gal-viss, Gal-vees, please #Freddy

• He called out David Paulino and – say – Ken Giles was not in front of the center at this beer shower celebration of the first victory of the Montoyo Premiership? Giles is a trade bait; but i am not upset if the Jays kept it around, either #caseclosed

• Keep in non-saving situations in 2018: 0-3, 9.12 and 1.784 WHIP; in 2017: 0-1, 2.38 and 1.000 WHIP. So far this season: three strikes and 21 plots in two situations do not save #pastball

• The presence of 44,000 from the first set of four games last year, against the Yankees. Let's see what the three games against the Orioles offer: in 2018, the Jays pulled crowds of 16,629; 17,451; and 17,268 for Monday-Wednesday games against the White White #turnstiles

• With Buck Showalter no longer managing the Orioles, those conversations that enrich our intellectual with the man who invented baseball # will be szackbritton?


It's possible that it is as simple as nobody wants to pay money to see girls hockey unless it is Canada taking the US, which is, for all the spin about how good the girls game is, or t Sub-competitive, bitter, competitive plot of Canadian against Americans who drive the sport more than what happens on the ice. Because we would face it: the most memorable moments in the history of women's hockey have all happened in those matshps. In fact, my sense is that most fans must be almost guilty to watch any other girls game, that failure to do so makes you horrible misbehavior and someone who wants to; the game died. Media coverage is almost like a charity, and I'm sorry: there is a brief shelf-life feel in the sports entertainment industry. And so although I am disappointed that the Canadian Women's Hockey League has announced this weekend that it is giving the best action, I have not been surprised.

It comes at a time when women's football is approaching stand-alone in Europe – the World Cup in France is very much this summer, the presence of leagues in England is similarly increasing t With the media coverage and on January 30, 48,121 supporters in Spain showed a match between Athletic Bilbao and Atletico Madrid – we are just disappointed. Look: I can't compare football with hockey in terms of registration or global participation, and even with that, women's professional football in North America is not a license to print money, that North Wales is & # 39 The simple truth Americans do not watch hockey as much as Europeans watch football. But the way forward is clear.

First, all NHL teams should be required to fund and operate a women's team in a women's league. And I am not just talking about a check cut; I'm talking about training and medical facilities and playing games in NHL areas. Play a game for girls before midweek game; or you have weekend weekends. Keep the competition regional if the cost becomes a problem; have a playoff tournament in a central location at the end of the season. But here's something else that needs to happen, too: once the league is up and running, you will have Canadian women's women's and girls teams taking a two-year hiatus of any matches against each other. I can hear the people in Canadian Hockey falling at the moment, but if they really want to grow the game and make pro-hockey girls a viable alternative, they will need to hit in the short term. As this is true at the moment, there is not enough interest to get around.

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