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Magic Johnson is Deni LeBron James Ignores Call Play Luke


Steve Dykes USA TODAY Sports

When LeBron James signed Los Angeles Lakers in a free agency, some of the media predicted drama throughout the 2018-19 NBA season. However, through 20 season games, there have been no major issues to date.

At least anything that is directly related to James. As the pLakers who lived in basketball operations, Magic Johnson and coach Luke Walton down their meeting after the 2-5 initials, he moved all the NBA's attention to the transformation of Draymond Green with Kevin Durant.

Although the increase made at the start of 11-9 season for the Lakers is about to argue, ESPN has recently been reported on anonymous scouts noting James disregarding & # 39; Walton calls when playing a point.

However, on SyriusXM NBA RadioJohnson rejected politics as much:

"First, Brian [Windhorst] it is wrong. All this is about making sure they can say something on ESPN and everyone can talk. We have a system with which the ball moves from its scope, there are many pick-and-roll frames. If you're watching play, the ball is not in the hands of LeBron James by the time. It can not be because you want to pass it on, you'll go into playing football. But hey, we're not the Lakers. People talk about us, but that's not how it's going to go right now. "

When the best player in the game today plays for one of the best sports franchises, such reports will be natural. In any sport, it's very common for players to call audible depending on what they see.

Since Walton became the lead coach, he has emphasized players who take responsibility, so they feel empowered to court. With the young core benefiting from this method over the past three terms, it is not different to James, Rajon Rondo, and the veterans.

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