Wednesday , June 29 2022

Love Nicki Minaj Wins Name of Accelerator


Nicki Minaj and her new boyfriend, Kenneth "Zoo," Petty gets serious. How serious? Recently, the famous tattoo's name has recently been on his neck.

Late Friday (December 21), a shared Minaj video of a new new boo to Boo on Instagram. The clip starts with a Nickie selfie video looking into the camera and adapts its weaving.

"Did your tatt hurt?" hi questions.

Petty responds, "No, no at all."

Then the rapper turns on to Petty and gets a close look of new ink. Nicki's name, "Onika", has been tattoorated in large cubic caps on the neck of the man.

The Queen's rapper heading of the video, "Have you already hurted zaddy?" His first front so it did not hit ? #Onika #HeavyOnIt ?? #SuperSleezy 〽️??. "

Nicki first His new man introduced Instagram earlier this month. Shortly thereafter, reports reported on the man's criminal past, including conviction of manslaughter and conviction of first degree rape at the age of 16. TMZ Recently, new details were found regarding the 2002 shoot that led to the petty homicide conviction. Police have revealed that Petty is opening a fire on Lamont Robinson on the NYC street corner hitting him three times in what they suspected was a gang-related shoot.

Nicki has shaken off the bad press. "I'm delighted to make you mad," she was tweeting when Petty's past was a trendy subject. "Everyone on social media is now psychic. They not only tell the future, but the past too. You are your judge, jury and operator. I never meet this perfect ppl in real life They only exist on social media. "

Y queen rapper has He continued to defend his new king. Now his name has tattooed his throat, so you know it's real.

Look at Nicki's new ink below.

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