Friday , June 24 2022

Liberty's asteroid statue passes very close to Earth


November 25 was a busy day for the extraterrestrials. According to NASA, two asteroids are passed close to Earth and can be considered as an "Almost Earth" (NEO) object. One of the NEOs, known as 2018 VT7, is about 20 to 60 feet in diameter, which is a typical type of object that usually goes close to our planet.

Liberty's asteroid statue passes very close to Earth

However, the other NEO called 2009 WB105 is small, measuring 170 feet and 400 feet in diameter. On its most to calculate the most, the asteroid is more than a Statue of Freedom and longer than a football field.

The VT7 2018 asteroid came within 2 million miles of Earth, which can be considered close in cosmological terms. Fortunately, the asteroid will be a distance of 3.5 million miles away so it will not be a Ground concern. The anti-earth objectives are those bodies that are on an orbit path around the Sun within 120 million miles.

Asteroids are formed from scams of events such as birth or death of stars and planets, and most asteroids in our solar system are formed from internal planets such as Venus and Mars.

Other uses of these objects near the Earth use them for resources, as they contain minerals that are hard to find on Earth. There could be a way of extracting these materials for the production of rocket fuel and the production of new space structures.

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