Thursday , May 19 2022

Lawyer claims that a new tape shows R. Kelly's abusing women


Warning: this story contains sensitive graphic details related to sexual abuse

Gloria Allred lawyer said that a tape had been transferred to the police by a client, who appears to show R & B R. Kelly's women, women who are sexually abused.

"They assume that the girls are underage because they were not fully developed," said Allred at a news conference held in New York City on Sunday. "R. Kelly was the only man seen on the tape."

Allred client Gary Dennis said at the news conference that does not know the musician personally and does not know the origin of the tape. He was found in a box in his home while he went through a collection, he said.

Kelly faces 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse involving four women, including three who were underage when the alleged abuse occurred. He has rejected any wrong and has pleaded guilty to the payments.

Although Allred would not say if she had seen the alleged tape herself, he said the city and state are not known in the content. He also said that it was not clear whether the alleged victims knew they were filming and they would not reveal the length of the video.

Allred, who is seen here at a news conference in February, said that a client had turned a video found in a box in his home while he was going through a collection but the origin is not known. (Monica Schipper / Getty Images)

He said she was likely to be more out there.

"Others have contacted me with information about other tapes," he said, adding any further information on a confidential basis.

"People out there may benefit from these tapes," he said.

Last week, Kelly was sent to prison by a judge after he was unable to pay $ 161,000 from the US in child support. On Saturday, the payment was made on his behalf by a person who was still anonymous, and Kelly was released.

Allred said his client turned over the tape to authorities because "child protection is crucial."

Michael Avenatti's lawyer has also said that he has turned two videos to prosecutors that he says that Kelly is women sexually abused.

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