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Kris Jenner, Karlie Kloss and Claudia Schiffer Paying Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld, featured at the SS93 Chanel show, died on February 19, 2019

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TTuesday 19 February 2019 will be written to history as the day in which the world lost one of the largest designers of the 19th and 20th centuries. But then again, Karl Lagerfeld did not see himself as one of this world altogether. "I do not want to be real in the lives of other people," he said, in 2007 Lagerfeld Confidential document. "I want to be like weapons that appear and then disappear." And compared to such perfect fashion houses – pushing them into a next episode and turning their fortunes while it was on – it's certain that shapes would have to be shaped similar to it's abilities. During his less-known Chloe years, Lagerfeld supported the brandy aesthetics of the brand nowadays. In Fendi, where he has been creative director for more than five decades, the stuffer transformed into a luxurious luxury brand – now designing his rigid "Foble Blonde" (Hwyl Fwr) . But he was never ignored as the man who restored the modernism and feeling back to Chanel, where he was a creative director of 1983, who had been redundant in the 12 years since the founder's death.

Legendary, visionary, iconic, prolific … it is impossible to find a word in the four languages ​​(English, French, German and Italian) Lagerfeld spoke that it significantly reflected its impact on the fashion world and beyond . Instead of that, Vogue Call some of the nearest friends and colleagues to share their memories.

25 O Max Iconic Musau Karl Lagerfeld

Claudia Schiffer

In one of Lagerfeld's original muscles, the supermodel and the German actress closed many Chanel shows in the 1990's and had a vocal supporter for the designer throughout his life.

Claudia Schiffer with Karl in Paris in 1993

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"Creativity is personal, Karl's support has made me transform from a funny young girl from Germany into a supermodel. It's astonishing as he was innovative, his advice, his wit and unpleasant energy were infectious and in Inspirational is equally. In his ear, he was my mentor, an experienced, kind and charismatic man, with incredible thinking and an unplanned vision. I will miss it horribly. "

Baz Luhrmann

The director worked with Lagerfeld on the Chanel Number 5 campaign, which plays the actor Nicole Kidman, who is winning Oscar awards.

"Over the past 20 years, my wife and costume design wife Catherine Martin and I have already known Karl as a creative colleague and most importantly, as a friend. Any moment he had spent with him was stimulating, magnificent, funny and scary. A feeling of having been off the planet, in the best possible way, with formal lunchtime parties where exotic guests would appear and disappear, and while Karl was holding your full attention, it sometimes seemed to be & One court, one, two, three different tables, in four different locations. Yet behind the magical tools, artists and craftspeople always worked hard.

"Over 15 years ago, we worked with Chanel to re-imagine the creative campaign for their iconic fragrance No. 5 with Nicole Kidman. Now, a great part of the attraction of doing this project was the we would go to work with the legendary Karl Lagerfeld. In our early meetings, we introduced Karl with some visual references so that he could show up the costumes for the movie, and especially the top of a huge and outstanding pink cake It was very impractical to fit inside a taxi, but it was still amazing because it was astonishing his way down Times Square. Meetings with Karl, a lunch with Karl, watching him restated a speech in the United Nations Everything is easy, enjoyable. Karl was more difficult to introduce sketches, especially that key pink row.

The Life And Times Of Karl Lagerfeld

"So I followed him around the world until I finished at the Mercer Hotel in New York City, where we were sitting with each other. I told Karl, We We really need the dress, because we need to do three of them. One for the movie, one for the stunts, and one in case they are tears. "He looked at me and said," Oh, three ? That's a lot of costumes … It took a coat out, sketch and dress perfectly on the service. The colored layers of glue and ostrich glue, body shape, and so on. go, Hmm. I think it's perfect. She took the service, put it in her pocket, and so I knew that the construction & Starting. I'm happy to say that, after the movie was made, he went in and pulled a beautiful gouache in his famous illustrated style, a copy of which he gave to Nicole and me.

"Karl is the eternal concerter: his synapses are alive, entertaining, always in the background, thinking, planning, and plotting. Boy will be lost. Karl learned to me it's so important not to look back when your creativity has been successful, as it does not. It always stubbornly moved on and absorbed minerals. Apologized for being called a genius and a legend his own, believing that always the best of his face. "

Karlie Kloss

The American model, entrepreneur and Kode With the founder of Klossy has walked for both Chanel and Fendi, and he has been Lagerfeld's many times.

Spring / Summer 2012 Chanel Haute Couture

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"The only thing more inspirational than Karl's vision, talent and creativity was his heart. He was one of the first designers I worked with in Paris, and that the initial co-operation – and every time we were & # 39; n worked together since – in the shape of my eyesight of the fashion industry. He showed me that the fashion was about much more than what `s going to meet & # 39 , the eye, at its best, fashion is an expression of art and creativity, hard work and passion. I believe that Karl has a more volatile spirit than anyone I have ever met with, and here he is. The first one to embrace the future. I'll remember when the iPhone came to an end first and it was the first person I knew who was. He always had it Another way of the world to keep his thumb on the bully, unfortunately to welcome new News, sharing his vision for the future and leading us there. His moral, moral, dedication and love for His craft is a vital life lesson in himself. Karl was a myth – an accurate artist, and although his loss was intense, so his work, and for that reason, we can all be grateful. "

Kris Jenner

Personnel of television, author and "momager" for the Kardashian Clan, Jenner has been a leading game in the Lagerfeld shows for many years, especially when his daughter Kendall was on the runway.

Kardashian Kris Jenner's family matrix takes selfish with Karl in New York in 2015


Karl Lagerfeld: Picture Life

"The first time I met Karl was when I was photographed by my daughter Kim in Paris and I with her. When I saw the call sheets for the pictures I was very excited. Karl was shooting Kim and Riccardo Tisci made the art instruction. I told Kim, Did you see this? It's wild! And I was and re-seized my suit immediately with old Chanel. When we arrived there, we stayed at Kanye's apartment in Paris. I was ready for the shoot, but Kim said she was quite ashamed because I was wearing a toe old Chanel, I was wearing knee-boots, chains, earrings – all Chanel's. But when we got to the set, Karl was delighted. He told me how much he loved the what I was wearing. But then he said: Wait! And he went to the other room. When he came back he was carrying a black and white Lego bag that had only been on the runway He said, "This is what do you need to complete your look! & # 39; Kim was really boring – she had not expected him to be as happy as my dress. But then Karl told me that the chances of my Chanel gloves were not very fine. He said, "Darling, I'll make you a little!" And he did! It made me make all-color di-bus gloves. A few years later, when Kendall was walking in his shows through the time, she would tell her, "Give this to your mother" and send me presents. She was always so supportive of her, and she always remembered me. He was the kind and most generous man. "

Joan Smalls

The American supermodel appeared in his first single campaign for the 2015 2015 Cruise collection, and has often walked the Lagerfeld creative runway.

Joan Smalls in the Fendi 2012 campaign as designed by Karl

Grateful to Fendi

"It really showed what dedication and love to your craft looked like. My sense of humor and drought was always calling me, and a few times he would pull off his iconic shades , you would see his mild soul that had inspired and redefined what fashion it should be. The standard challenged with an unusual creature that will never live. I am so lucky and honorable to have worked side alongside such a genius, which gave me the opportunity to be part of something great. "

Diane Kruger

She was often a friend of Lagerfeld, the German-American actress often worn the designer for her red carpet appearances, and was regularly on the Scottish Royal Monarchy.

Actors and Chanel Diane Kruger's collection with Karl Lagerfeld

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"I flew with Karl on her private plane from Paris to Hong Kong. Everyone had fallen asleep, but we're waiting up to talk about the whole 13 hours for her childhood and get up. I noticed that he was incorporating an old embroidery traveling cushion. His mother had given him a child and never traveled without it. We always speak German with each other, so even when he started his entourage The morning, before landing, we were in our own small world. I can remember it to come up to the bathroom and that the white powder that is used for its hair has left stain on the seat where he was sitting. I do not know why, but I always think about that. Wherever he went, he left a mark. It was more than life. "

Karen Elson

As a great model, Elson found a friend in Lagerfeld and cast her into the face of Chanel and she said her beauty for the new millennium.

Karen Elson with Karl in New York in 1997

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"I remember Karl's meeting when I was 18. I walked into a wonderful studio with high-priced books and Karl sitting in an oval board big, sketch ideas fierce and speak in German, then French and then English. I remember her fierce intelligence and wit. It was just as tender and safe for me. He told me I looked like the silent movie actress Louise Brooks and I would think over my alabaster skin. It was even behind Karl. On the outside it seemed impossible – hidden from you After a fan and dark glasses – but in person his warmth and generosity were so sincere.

"I'm going on to walk and close Chanel's attractive show. I was young and I had a small bank account, even Topshop was an attempt so Karl let me go into Chanel's shop on Rue Cambon and He told me to have anything I wanted. I felt like Cinderella was wearing for the ball. I had so many beautiful sets of games, bags, cashmere, dresses and coats. to get the most of them, and the feeling that I have for that moment is still in my back. Risks to wealth at least in appearances! I lived in an apartment who was a slave lord in Chelsea in New York, and I was walking every day out of dressing up in Chanel. I'm sure she's It's a funny look to see. Karl taught me, he learned about the photographic techniques he used, I gave books on artists that I had never heard of, talk to me for the great legends in fashion. Between Karl and Amanda Harlech I learned so much about the fashion and the great enthusiasm that goes behind the curtains.

"Over the years, I've shot with Karl for several Chanel magazines and magazines. Sometimes we could go a few years without seeing each other and while fashions fell and wane, whenever I saw Karl, we would sitting and talking so that time had not passed at all, and that's what I'll miss most. Those tendering moments, not its sharp statements, nor the myth that it's portrayal, I'll lose the man who wanted to talk about what he has inspired and hear the pop culture through the day. I will lose his sincerity and generosity and I'll lose his / her; The legacy of deity and discovering that it comes to fashion. "

Suzy Menkes

"Fashion is about changing – and I would like to change," said Lagerfeld at Menkes in an interview in 2018. They both were friends for many of their careers.

Vogue Suzy Menkes International Editor with designer back in F009 Fendi show

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"My favorite remembrance of Karl was when he was throwing a party at his Paris home on the Bank Left to honor Gianni Versace, who had enjoyed a new start in the 1990's. This is Karl's bad way to feed Competition with kindness, and with each tray of champagne, every plate of a curtain on the roof, all the adventures of other famous fashion gowns, a flamboyant Gianni seemed to start. Like a cat – though Karl had not become a cat by that time. away, guarding himself behind a little friend of Italian friends, while Karl is standing at the top of the stairs, meeting with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. He is called the show & # 39; .

"Karl motivated books because most of us were a dark chocolate fashion. He talked about books, he sent me some of them – and he asked for my response. As his photography, when every picture seems to tell a deep and secret story, the books & Stories have expressed words, not images. He would keep books in his homes, piles of them. And last time I mentioned reading with him last year, he said he had opened his home with glass divisions, rather than original walls, but how to find a book that he loved? Life is too short, "says Karl. I just bought another. & # 39; "

Natalia Vodianova

The Russian Supododel and Vodianova fanbuilder have worked with the designer several times – most memorable during the 2003 American Alice in Wonderland theme shot, produced by Annie Leibovitz and styled by Grace Coddington.

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova with Karl in London in 2007

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"Karl was one of the people who reinforced my trust in my own secrets. He said," Do not doubt the complexity, here are only tireless advisors. Shooting Alice in Wonderland was a really fun experience. Grace wanted Karl to be a Duchess but Karl would not have it. He wanted to be himself and not a character in the book. that he would only be Karl, but slipped a little pig in my hands. I'm sure Karl knew what was happening in fact because he certainly reads Alice in Wonderland. He was just in fact He respected himself to take himself seriously, but Grace and I felt that we were two girls who fled with something small. It was more than life, but it was a lightweight giant in the end. , you were a calm force of love and support for so many people, I included. So, thank you for everything you have done to me. "

Lara Stone

The Dutch supermodel has been a game on the runway in Chanel since its memorable competition in 2006.

Karl on the SS10 Chanel runway with models including Lara Stone

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"The first time I worked with Karl, I fell into his fashion show. I was dead and as I went back on my feet, I can remember thinking that that is, you have fallen. I will never work with you again. Luckily, Karl was more forgiving, and I was lucky enough to work on many projects with him over the years. I love all those times and I'll lose it deep. "

Mile Jovovich

The actor, model and musician have a leading campaign for Chanel and have walked for Fendi – a product of two decades friendliness with the designer.

"If you were at the Fendi show, did you know that you had arrived. And here I was. I looked around during my heart and saw some of the most famous and beautiful faces in the industry at the time. I had met Karl Lagerfeld several times in my career by that point, but I had never worked with him officially, so I knew that this was one of the biggest moments I was really excited that I had been tested and it was during the exercise for the show, we had a lot of instruction from the organizers. They even give huge signs up: No posing, no roaming, no dancing, no stopped. And above all, the producers said, looking at all of us suddenly, "DO NOT MAKE ABOUT THE TRANSPORTATION!"

"Well my heart is off. I mean, why would they hire me for this show, if they wanted us to walk down this complex runway like zombies? The runway was set up I turned through the audience, sometimes to the right, sometimes to the left, in a huge circle. And since we would walk almost down to viewers, I had I'm really looking forward to high enthusiasm I knew and I did not dance, I can tell who can stop themselves from dancing just when you look so great and the music is so great? I completed the exercise with a heavy heart like a very small mannequin.

"Finally, the time had come and Karl looked personally at the appearance of every girl. When he joined me and he began to instruct the creators about my clothes, notice that I was not so adorable and he asked me What was the matter. I was so happy that someone was caring for him and had launched a list of clothes from complaints! Karl, they said we could not do ANY! No dancing, no turning! we can even talk to the audience! I mean, just so … boring! It stopped working and looked under its dark glasses. freeze I did not go too far I mean that this was his show then he laughed my girlfriend my beloved the rules do not apply to you . And he went on to the next girl.

"When I arrived there, I stopped, I turned, I'm tanked and loud to include my heart. The girl behind me, Move! & # 39; Because we would do these suddenly stopped telling her to someone and she would almost walk in to me. But I had the blessing of Karl. After I got behind the platform again, I & It spread out of my incredible success on the runway, there was silence. Everyone looked at me in horror, I was a free canon, I was completely out of control, I had ruined everything, Unnecessarily to say, I never make another season of run after that. People were scared to me.

"A few months later, I ordered my first campaign from Chanel, taken by Karl Lagerfeld, in his private house in the middle of Paris. From there he worked with Karl on many more campaigns and art projects and He became a friend of 20 years, Karl loved loose cannons, he loved creatively, passionate people. He was especially fond of those who did not follow the rules. Not surprisingly, because he was he's all that. "

Parc Soo Joo

South Korea named California-raised, the model and DJ Lagerfeld accounted as one of the biggest supporters in the fashion industry. She has starred Chanel's campaigns, walked in their shows and even featured on Chanel's podcast, 3.55.

Soo Joo Park is walking the runway with Karl at the Chanel Cruise show in Korea in 2015

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"Karl always encouraged me to be expressive and creative. I will never forget when I send my picture first to him six years ago, and months later on shooting, he pulled out of & # 39; for a reserved journal where he told me that I was talented – who, coming from Mr Lagerfeld, could be the greatest praise – and he told me to do more. Every couple of seasons , I would make a picture of him, as a gesture of love and thanksgiving. What else can I give to a man who has everything? It was surprised that I gave me a girl as any time or recognition, and he showed for me what was a happy, astonished person. His energy, his charisma and his intelligence were unchanged from the beginning to the end. He and Chanel's house changed my life and I will never be grateful, I will lose it horribly. I will promise, respect and remember for a moment. My favorite loving girlfriend for you and my family Chanel. "

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