Friday , December 4 2020

Keith Richards gives me the best to drink (almost), saying I've fed up & # 39; Music

Keith Richards, the wonderful guitarist of the Rolling Stones, has given the best drink – almost – saying he "has become food with her".

Despite inspiring an industry of mums that celebrate its unplanned lifestyle, Richards has told the magazine Rolling Stone that he has more or less seriously.

"It's been about a year now," said Richards. "I got the plug on it. I got fed with it."

Richards, 74, who has said his favorite dad for decades was Jack Daniel's whiskey or vodka, said he still had a glass of wine from time to time and beer.

Keith Richards was well known for his love to Jack Daniels's whiskey.

Keith Richards was well known for his love to Jack Daniels's whiskey. Photograph: Gary Gershoff / Getty Images

"It was time to give it up. Just like all the other things," he told the magazine, referring to his past dependence on cocaine, heroin and other hard drugs. Richards has said that he had given up drugs after being arrested for a heroin possession in Canada in 1977.

His band, Ron Wood, who has been fighting alcoholism for many years, has been easier to work with Richards since giving a drink.

"It's a lot more. It's open to more ideas," said Wood at the interview, published on Wednesday.

"I believe that this cutting point for Keith we used to know and her lover, if he had another, would go over the top and that & # 39; n gas. The cutting point came shorter and shorter, you know, and I realized that, "added Wood.

The Rolling Stones will be launching their next North American tour in April.

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