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Kanye West Drake says to me & # 39; On the Phone, Announces Dozens of New Tweets

Gan Shakiel Mahjouri.

44 minutes ago

Kanye West has a lot of thinking and does not care for a Twitter character account.

The West of England abolish more than a dozen tweets (and count) targeting Drake on Thursday afternoon. The "Jesus Walks" rapper pledged to explain things over with Drake, but he could not seem to go over to go out with Canada's power station.

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"There is still an apology for talking about the 350's and trying to take food out of children's idols," Yeezy hurried on Thursday afternoon. "Have been trying to meet you for six months, a bro [are] sneak dising on Travis [Scott’s] recording and testing Kris [Jenner] speak & # 39; bout & # 39; how the family are. & # 39; "

The public leaflet started between the two parties after the West label companion and the president GOOD Music, Pusha T, was intense, if he was living soon, with Drake. Both artists released on tracks. The peak became peak when Pusha revealed the existence of Adonis's son Drake in the inconsistent track "The Story of Adidon".

West West Drake criticized for his lack of sympathy towards Yeah's battle with mental health. Drake was previously taken behind for poking sailing in Kid Cudi's mental well-being as well. "I need my apologies now," West West said on Thursday.

West said his problems with Drake had been "worried about me too long." He expressed his frustration with Drake as both races were first for the Pusha T. concert. The tactics are used to keep vacant seats in a competitive show to reduce the expected presence. See 50 Cent against Ja Rule.

West 41, even shared a journey from the Bible: "Dear, do not be surprised at the rolling test when it comes to you to prove, as if something strange happened to you. But rejoice as long as & # 39: You share Christ's suffering, so that you will also rejoice and be glad when his glory is revealed. "

The same screen tweeted text on three different occasions. "Drake sent a clear request for" What What's Real ". Do you want to clear?" Text reads. "What What's Real" is tracking 2009 from the innovative mix of Drake So Far. The track was produced by the West.

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West late fans soon after. Two of them revealed to three final thweets how Drake had just been called the West in response to a tweets barrage. "Drake lasts," tweeted. "Mission to achieve." You followed it up, "On the way … it was not cleared."

The only thing that West provides more than musical content is worthy headline tweets.

Speaking, the West came up right where he left later on Thursday. It touched more than 60 – six-zero – sometimes in a span of about 30 minutes. He attacked his alleged telephone call with Drake, who had been brushed away from the alleged threats of Drake, and more.

Look at the response to Western tweets below.

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