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Judge sentenced Edward Downey at least 50 years for double murder


Sara Baillie's daughter Taliyah Marsman.


The double assassin, Edward Downey, must serve at least 50 years behind bars for killing Calgary's mothers and her young daughter, Tuesday's referee.

Justice Beth Hughes agreed with Crown Prosecutor Carla MacPhail that Downey's behavior had called for successive periods of parole impracticality on two accounts of first degree murder.

Downey, 49, was convicted by a jury last December to fire Sara Baillie and her five-year-old daughter Taliyah Marsman.

Mr. Downey had no regrets after Ms Baillie's death and then, several hours later, a five-year-old child without protection, ”said Hughes.

“I feel that resettlement in any decision on parole incompetence has little importance in the light of Mr Downey's current age, his ongoing criminal activity before the murders and characterized me as a faultless and faultless individual.” T

Downey Baillie murdered her home in Calgary in north-west Wales on June 11, 2016, for interfering with her relationship with her girlfriend and then kidnapping her and murdering Taliyah to calm her down as a witness.

Photograph not taken from Edward Downey.

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Hughes said that a number of aggravating factors guarantee the continuity of parole incompetence on Downey's automatic life sentence and only one alleviates one, the fact that he continues to have the support of his family.

Among the aggravated were the fact that Taliyah knew Downey as a family friend.

“Taliyah was taken home by a person she should have been able to trust,” said Hughes.

“Here, because of the age of Taliyah, objects and misconduct are the main objectives of Mr Downey's sentencing,” he said.

Hughes rejected arguments by defense lawyers Gavin Wolch and Meryl Friedland that the murders had occurred as part of a single offense and should not include successive periods of parole incompetence.

“I find that the murder of Taliyah is a different event and apart from the murder of her mother,” said the judge. “Although the events that led to Ms Baillie's death led to the death of Taliyah, Mr Downey had time to consider what action he would take after he had kidnapped Taliyah from his home.” T

He noted that Downey had spent several hours with the child deciding what to do with her.

“Eventually, he decided to murder Taliyah.”

After killing Baillie and stuffing her, to tie her with duct tape, into a clothes basket in her daughter's bedroom, Downey went with her daughter from home.

“The seriousness of the crime, Mr.'s lack of moral responsibility. Downey and her degree of responsibility at the highest level, ”said Hughes.

“Mr. Downey was planning and discussing her murder for a few hours before she killed her. By murder Taliyah, he killed. Downey is the only witness to the murder of her mother.

“His text conversations after Taliyah's body dumping outside the city center reveal a sensible and faultless individual.” T

Scott Hamilton, Sara Baillie's uncle, and his daughter (cefnder Baillie), left court after Downey was sentenced.

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Sara Baillie's uncle Scott Hamilton said it was a long journey for the family to continue to see justice being done.

“It's been a long time to finish the trial and sentencing for all members of the family,” he said.

“Sara and Taliyah are always in our minds, we are losing them greatly.”

Downey, who was 46 when he was arrested, can apply for a full parole when he is 96 years old.

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