Wednesday , September 28 2022

Jennifer Aniston Copies For Welcoming His Friend George Clooney as Dad – Watch!


Jennifer Aniston opens for see George Clooney as a parent!

Y Dumplin & # 39; actors appear on Show Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday (6 December).

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Jennifer a Ellen He discussed their friendship, mainly through FaceTime because Ellen He does not leave his house. They also discussed plans for Jennifer50th anniversary – a Ellen She suggested she was throwing her a birthday party on the air all the time!

Jennifer He also talks about his boxing exercise, and about holding it Bono and a friend George while filming with Adam Sandler in Italy Talking about George, explained how amazing it is to see his friend with children.

She also opened for singing with Dolly Parton on the Dumplin & # 39; sound track.

Watch below!

Jennifer Aniston on See George Clooney as Dad

Ellen Wants to Throw 50th Birthday Party for Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston's Dumplin & # 39; to Dolly Parton

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