Tuesday , December 1 2020

Japan asteroid rovers continue to send incredible goals of an alien face – BGR

It has been a few months since the Japanese space agency (JAXA) uses robots to face the asteroid of the name Ryugu. The Hayabusa-2 maternity sent the bottle down to explore the surface of the rock space and send back readings to Earth, and we saw the images soon after they arrived.

Now, as JAXA is preparing for the most economical movement of the whole mission – a touch that will allow Hayabusa-2 to raise a sample of the rock face before going back to Earth – the space agency is show more of the incredible images created by blowing it.

The images were captured by the small "hopping" networks considered JAXA suitable for scanning the asteroid. The gravity of the rock face would have been too low to allow wheel rovers, so JAXA decided on small rovers that really hoped from one place to another, holding images along the way. The result is a crew of pictures of very very good landscape.

JAXA was really surprised at how creative the asteroid was, and the mission team had already been forced to delay the touchdown movement because they needed extra time to decide where to do.

Choosing a safe landing area is crucial to the main goal of allowing the Hayabusa-2 crew to get back from the surface and eventually return to the Earth . Any damage to the spacecraft during its landing would put it at serious risk.

Image Source: JAXA

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