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Introducing an Exclusion Path: Legion – Next Big League Comes This Summer


Introducing an Exclusion Path: Legion - Next Big League Comes This Summer

If it has been three months since the huge Exclusion Path reveals, you know what that means! Yep, it's time for the next big thing, this time from the Legion name. Grinding Gear shakes things and gives a much bigger agency to players in the Legion, so sit back and look at some of the fun new things coming in the next few weeks as players start on A tour that will review the history of the game and will give you lots of things to explore for players as well as prepare them with amazing goods.


The Path of Exile path is one of war-torn, conquest and battle. In the Legion, the players will have the opportunity to face five different troops and with the generals who lead them. Don't worry, this doesn't mean everything at the same time. In fact, the Legion offers players more agency than ever in terms of how difficult they want their encounters to be.

Here's how we work: Players working through any Legion league zone can come across Monolith. The stimulus of the monolith makes both of the armies appear in a form that looks inspiring. Although they are visible, players need to harm them to “untether” them from Timely Conflict Zone before time expires. Many of the inspirational soldiers will have special symbols over their heads which will show valuable prizes that will leak. This is where the players agency starts. The more inspirational soldiers a player damages, the more difficult the battle will be when the timer runs out. When it does, the monsters tagged by the player will become active and begin to attack. The key is to weigh up the risk against the award.

Of course, what is the PoE league without amazing rewards? During the above mentioned battles, monsters need to drop Splinters who, from their merger, form an emblem that is specific to the Legion's army and lost it. As there are five forces, players will need to collect as many splints to create as many emblems as possible. Doing so unlocks a fairly wild battle.

Once five emblems are collected, players can place emblems in their new Map device which now includes five slots instead of four. As each battle is made up of two sides and two generals, players will need to place at least two emblems in the map device. However, adventure enthusiasts can set the five in which means that each of the five forces and the five generals will be present on the battlefield.

The Legion's monsters can also drop a new item from the Incubator item name that can "customize a piece of equipment to guarantee a certain type of item reduction". When a place, for example, is in a tool, the Incubator item will trigger a progress bar. Once a certain number of monsters have been killed, the item will fall. These incubator items can be inserted All of player tools at the same time. Of course, these items also have a rare variety, but the good news is that these can be traded to other players so that everyone can get the things they want the most.

Forces will also drop some new trophies that will shake content quite endgame. These games can be placed in the Passive Skill Tree. They adapt other passports in their new and different ways. Each army has its own trophy and its own set of unique passports that will be stolen when they are installed. "The Vaal game pollutes nearby passive skills in Vaal's passive skills. Each Vaal game has a different possible result in each socket" so players will have to find out which ones work best on location.

As for new uniques, a dozen new ones will be collected and fifteen old uniques that already existed, but which may be less useful, have been upgraded to make them great additions. to any player arsenal. Chris Wilson provided this example:

A Voll's Protector is a unique item on a temple theme. In the Legion, we had a good view of its use along the Exempt Trail and we felt that it would be safe to add extra properties to make it more powerful. An inner passive passive passive new cause causes you to earn power payments rather than fierce payments, and your power payments damage spelling spreads more than before. This is a significant upgrade to an existing item which will help it to see much more use in its new form.

PoE players will also be pleased to hear that Melee Combat has had a huge update to get rid of the "patched" nature and the core issues he had since launching the game in 2013. Players will be able to cancel attack animations to provide a more responsive response. feel. Movement skills are also instantaneous and low level movement skills are also included. Players of any class will find some very suspicious movements. Melee's attacks will hit more than one enemy at a time and support for animation chains has been added. This update is rebalanced from the start to the end All melee capabilities.

Other pretty cool additions that come in the Legion include: t

  • the Gladiator Blood and Sand order
  • Berserker Rage archetype
  • rebalancing early monster game
  • Map Atlas improvements
  • The launch of South Korea with the Kakao Games comes on 7 June

Finally, but not least, ticket sales for ExileCon in November are moving along with a stunning crowd ready to come and learn everything that I know about the game and hobnob with & # 39 r the devs. Tickets are still on sale for the event, so there's still time to come in on the fun.

Learn more on the The route of the exile site.

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