Monday , March 1 2021

In a big show, Mitochondrial DNA can be inherited by fathers

It was found that a section of high school genetics, which was relied on for many types of genetic tests, included exceptions. Although mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is usually accepted by the mother, three families were identified where some of their mtDNA, three quarters in the most extreme case, had been given by their father. The perception may change the way we treat mitochondrial diseases and bring genetic tests for mother's conception.

MtDNA exists apart from the rest of our DNA, inside the thousands of mitochondria within each cell, rather than the cell nucleus. She is so widely accepted as the mother's side, sometimes called Eve Gene, the idea that it can be traced back to the busy mother of every living man. MtDNA testing is used to identify maternal antiquity.

However, everyone who will change will have to have Dr Shiyu Luo from the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center published a paper in the National Science Academy Proceedings.

Luo's first exemption is a boy in four in the hospital with symptoms that suggest liverily disease. The mitochondria sequence of the boy did not reveal any diseases that cause illnesses, but there were some wonders in the mtDNA that led Luo and colleagues to arrange other members of the family to compare. Approximately 40 percent of the boy's lithrocondrial corresponded to that by his mother's father, and only 60 per cent came from his grandmother.

After experiencing other family members, and other families with mitochondrial diseases, Luo found that although the legacy of the mother was very scarce, it had at least 17 times in three experienced families.

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