Monday , October 3 2022

How to use Dual SIM on iPhone XR, XS, or XS Max


When Apple has pushed an iOS version 12.1.1 on Wednesday, AT & T users were able to use the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max in dual-SIM configuration. Verizon users will be able to set up a similar situation on their devices using it starting tomorrow, December 7.

Dual SIM support allows you to use two operating calculations on one device. A popular movement is international, but this technology does not make U.S. phones. very often. If you intend to put a shot on it, you know that your device could look slightly different than that of – and bring some additional settings that you want to pay.

Initially, the use of two cell designs at the same time means that you will have two signal points with two carrier logos at the top of the screen. Since you have two numbers, you will have to choose which number to use before making a call or sending a text. According to AT & T, you can only use the data plan for one number at any given time, but you can change between your plans and start a new session at any time.

Third SIM support has been internationally available on the new iPhone models in recent months, so there are a few videos on YouTube that can show you how to use a phone with two SIMs in place. (One thing to keep in mind: These videos use the Hong Kong version of the iPhone, which supports two physical ano-SIM cards .This version North America only supports one nano-SIM card and eSIM, so just ignore anything about using two physical cards.)

First, the Techranium YouTube channel shows how to set up a secondary eSIM, and it shows how you choose which number to use when you make a call or send a message context.

This longer video of HowTechs goes a bit more detailed. It shows what the menu could like when you have two plans, including how to choose or exchange which account you use for data. It also shows some small things, such as having two signal marches look when your phone is closed.

Between both, you will see most people, if not everyone, that having a dual SIM installation will affect how your iPhone works. It sounds a lot of crazier than it really is.

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