It's likely that everyone gets the fantasy: you'll go to the ATM and pull $ 20 back, thinking you do not want to go to & # 39; Your money is far. But the machine has other ideas and distributes thousands of dollars and it's made. This happened really in Houston this week.

The ATM One Bank Of America was distributing bills of $ 100 instead of $ 10 bills, leaving Houston's ordinary citizens looking like Migos or Kodak Black on the red carpet (see above). As one would expect, it came out quickly and people went to what was started to be called "magic ATM," trying to raise money on the glitch. For some reason, when the police began to know about the miracle machine, they came into a closing technician, rather than having their own debit cards. Some people do not know where their bread is being raised.

The bank itself reinforced the short resolution of the copies in a statement where this bucket discharge was confirmed: "this was an ATM event in Houston caused when a seller had loaded bills of $ 100 wrong where $ 10 billion. We have resolved the issue. Customers will be able to keep the extra money distributed. "