Sunday , March 7 2021

Here is the new Porsche 911

Comment, great coverage and remarkable internet commentators: here is the eighth generation of Porsche 911. "992".

After disclosure in the form S & # 39; Desirable in front of the LA Motor Show, this is the first official official sight of the latest generation of iconic German sports car.

Ideally, it is clear that the evolution of the old one; A coughed crab of the design piece that keeps things out of class but it will cause people to say "it's annoying" because "it looks like the last one. " Yes, the silence is 911 large but the proportions have had radical skating. up. Unlike 911s of the past, there will be no narrow body as the front path is expanded by 40mm and all Carreras will have the same booty wide of the GTS. It does not matter if it is driving two or four wheels, there are single-size buses for everyone. One that has made more aluminum than ever.

Another new introduction is a scale wheel sizing; which, in the Carrera S, means 20 inches and 21 inch inches. In front of it, a broken boned which now turns back to design designs at the beginning of the 911s while the back has been shot into the future with design queue you have this year: a full width light bar.

We first saw Mission E, then Panamera and Macan but Porsche's professional feature will move on all his models. Above that bank, more places in the rear vary – it's perfect for people (idiots) who like to park with them as they are sex kind of pewock nouveau. Overall, there is an extremely powerful but simple design with tidy, modern elements such as the flush door sheets.

Under that familiar shape the 911 most clean and technological ever has ever been. Most importantly, it's fast. Still powered by an engine, one that is still smaller (that's what's said sigh of relief from Porsche's dedicated) for the value of a face that's similar to & # 39 ; the six 3.0-liter turbocharged flats you get in the current 911.

But due to newer tighter emissions regulations, it has to be re-worked extensively to be cleaner and more efficient than ever. There is now a piezo injection, a new new admission system, compression with particulate filter, intercooling relocation, modified turbo homes, and more. If you expect to return tingle, zap and yowl of the old nat-asp cars, keep dreaming.

It does not mean it's getting soft though. With 444bhp, the Carrera S has earned 30 minutes on the previous model, which, in turn, is the same as the GTS that goes out and will give the performance He's all 997 Turbo. We do not yet have a weight figure, but it must be similar to the current generation of 991 given the back wheel drive Carrera S completes the 0-62mya in 3.7 seconds when It is tied up to the dual-speed eight-phase PDK dual transfer.

Unfortunately, Porsche has no word on hand tools boxes, but they will come later. In the meantime, the Carrera 4S wheel wheel drive controls the same sprint in 3.6 seconds – making both cars 0.4 seconds faster than the current equivalent model. That's not a quick enough for you? Then you'll better determine the optional Sport Chrono Pack to reduce the time by another two tenths. Maximum speed? 190mph if your 911 is driven by the four wheels, 191 mph if it has two.

Inside, the 992 have been refurbished technology. The typical central 911 counter – is canceled by two toothpaste, without a frame while the center's screen is now 10.9 inches. Those who have the latest Panamera sampling will be familiar with the controls. But there is real progress with the systems. There will be a normal series of accelerated acronyms but it also includes the Wet & Wide mode; so you will not fall off the road when it starts to stop it, Night Vision Help with thermal imaging, and more connectivity than you can shake iPhone X in.

Surely later, the 992 will be offered in a million million different things when they start to break the roof altogether to make cabrios, spreading the roof away to do Targa, giving all the options you need in one bundle to make the GTS, then lighten slightly if they continue to make T, all before transferring it to the GT section derived from motor sports. But there may be more exciting opportunities for the 911; Is this the first model to become hybrid? Electricity? Or could it be focused if the rash words are something to go? Time will say.

If you would like to look at an even one even know what it is driving, 911 Carrera S with PDK will cost £ 93,110 before the number of options that you can add, while the 4S starts at £ 98,418, and both are now available.

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