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He says support as the Ottawa family tells them to dismantle their outdoor boundaries

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Published Tuesday, December 18, 2018 8:30 AM EST

The Ottawa-area family has received support throughout Canada after being told they have to go down outdoor rotation boards in the frontyard.

Cory Cosgrove, who has raised the outdoor rotation for his three daughters during all last five months, told CTV Ottawa that byelaws officers told him to move the boards, but later he came back and told them to take the boards down after complaining from a angry neighbor.

The family were forced to get rid of the boards on Monday, which now sits in a pile behind them yard.

"We just try to create children's memories of memory and take these boards down early in the season, I believe, challenging," said Cosgrove.

Bylaw officials say that the fork is contrary to three regulations:

  • Possible damage to utility lines of backs that are driven in the ground to put the boards up;

  • driver's eyes and chances could be difficult for someone to pass;

  • and the rules of zones that prevent permanent or temporary structures on front or side yards.

"It was originally located on the road allowance and we were very concerned about the safety of the people who used the fork as well as vehicles and even vehicles that could be on the street," he said Roger Chapman, Director of Service Undersight and Regulation with the City of Ottawa.

Since the news about the Cosgrove situation was broken earlier this week, the family has received support from local politicians, personalities and even over Canadian Canadian Hayley Wickenheiser.

People in Ottawa have also offered snow off Cosgrove to use as natural boards.

With a report by Stefan Keyes CTV Ottawa

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