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The head of the main women's sports organization in Canada feels that DJ is still tending to ask by asking for a football star Ada Hegerberg to beat after receiving an international prize.

Allison Sandmeyer-Graves, CEO of the Canadian Association for Women's Aid and Sport and Physical Activity, was disappointed. DJ Martin Solveig made the request to Hegerberg after the Norwegian became a first daughter to win a Ballon d '# 39; Or. He added the prize for the best football player in the world to recognize women for the first time on Monday in Paris.Ballon Dell Or winner, Ada Hagerberg, was asked to break by Martin Solveig guest DJ, an application that has provoked criticism around the world. 2:28

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"I believe that the message that women are having everywhere in society, but much in sport, greatly where bodies are on display, is that what your body likes is more important what your body can do, "said Sandmeyer-Graves. "She hit the top of a career in a sporting career, and she liked what her body likes. And without acknowledgment of strength and & # 39 ; to power and strategic thinking and thinking, and all those things that may have been highlighted at the moment.

"Research shows that women receive four percent of mainstream media coverage in an Olympic year. Women are not visible on our television and print media, and when they appear, this is as often as how they will be introduced.

"This continues to happen over and over, and it really says how normal it is for people to see women through this lens."

Solveig apologized for the question, saying, "I did not know that this could be seen as an offense," and added: "This was a joke, probably a bad one."

Sandmeyer-Graves did not see humor.

"How often do women need to forgive this type? No, in fact, it was not funny and she had serious consequences," he said. "People do not understand how much this affects the big picture of women in sports and girls and how they see themselves, and how they feel about what it means to be out in the world . "

Tennis star Andy Murray was also critical of Solveig.

"Another example of the great sexism that still exists in sport," Murray wrote on Instagram.

Eugenie Bouchard can contact

The twerk application was similar to a question that was Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard in Opening Australia in 2015.Uncomfortable calls in Canada are asking for unexpected & # 39; 1:57

A male presenter interviewing a court with Bouchard asked Grand Slam Bouchard to "give us a funeral".

"A twirl?" Greater Westmount, Que., he asked.

"Twirl, like a pirouette, here you're going," has touched an interviewer, encouraging the third Wimbledon to show the crowd in his dress, his pink skirt and top with bright yellow straps

Slightly uncomfortable, then-No. 7-site player has turned. Then he laughed and buried his face in his hands.

"It was very unexpected," said Bouchard after that.

"I do not know, an old man asks you to cheat. It was funny."

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