Tuesday , August 9 2022

Hayabusa2 Japan is growing on Ryugu asteroid to collect samples


He began to fall on February 21, 6AM of Japan time, taking pictures of what he saw as he came to the asteroid. This picture was one of the last ones caught before it extinguished the bullet:

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As he had lost contact with a ground team when he was touched down, the Japanese Aerospace Agency had to wait for him to fly again and restore communications. It was only the spacecraft to fire that bullet and take it away, however, so we are now waiting to hear if it has successfully collected samples.

This deed was due to happen back in October, but the ground team discovered from Ryugu's face has much more gravel than they think. They had to perform experiments in the laboratory before they tried the surgery. Now this attempt is successful, they are expected to have an explosive fire in the asteroid later this year to create a crater and collect extra pieces.

Hayabusa2 has arranged to leave Ryugu in December 2019 and to be back home a year later. The samples that he brought back could throw light on what the early solar system liked and could give us more information about the possibility of the seed asteroids Earth with an organic issue that led to life on our planet.

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