Monday , October 3 2022

Harvey Weinstein Sends E-mail Descriptions All One Year & # 39;


Photo: BRYAN R. SMITH / AFP / Getty Images

During the morning, he saw a familiar name in internal email boxes across Hollywood: Harvey Weinstein. The disgust producer, who currently faces payments in New York for sexual misconduct, has sent an email to broadly circulate his / her personal account on Monday. "I've had one hell of a year. Worst nightmare is my life," he wrote back The New York Times. His lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, explained that the e-mail was sent to several Weinstein's close friends initially. And although his solicitors insist on Times they were not even aware that Weinstein had sent the email until after the fact – and that it was not a legal strategy – the e-mail itself outlined many of the same arguments used in its defense legal. Indeed, those researchers have treated Weinstein unfairly. "[T]police have played a very difficult part in my investigation, "the former producer wrote, before suggesting that the recipient read several selected articles and talk to him on the phone.

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