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Hannah G. Alum used this bachelorette;

Hannah G. was an early favorite on Colton's season Bachelor. He first raised his impression and rose to the chapter of the fantasy room before he set off and Tayshia to chase Cassie.

Hannah G. was shocked and cut off the fans, as many thought she would be awarded the Colton final.

Chris Strandburg | Leon Bennett / WireImage
Chris Strandburg | Leon Bennett / WireImage

To date Hannah G. has used Chris Strandburg

As it seems, Colton is not the first member of Bachelor Bachelor to whom Hannah G. has been romanticized. Before competing on the Colton season, Hannah came first Bachelorette the competitor Chris Strandburg in spring 2018, a source told us Weekly Weekly.

You might remember Chris as the man who jumped out of a cup to meet Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe back in 2015. Or from his emotional opposition – Kaitlyn told him that his heart was “elsewhere” and that he has a particularly good farewell.

When the episode was broadcast, Kaitlyn announced on Instagram: “A lot of respect for Chris. One of a kind. ”

In the end, Kaitlyn gave Shawn Booth her competition. They engaged for three years before breaking up. After cutting with Shawn, Kaitlyn began dating Bachelorette alum and favorite Jason Tartick, the smarty sensitive of Becca Kufrin's season.

Chris Strandburg and Hannah G.

It's still not known how the couple met and when they officially shared roads, but the source told us Weekly that both had a friendly split and had remained friends.

A Bachelor However, a fan noticed that Chris had made comments on Hannah's Instagram in April 2018.

Hannah posted a picture of her and a friend sitting on a blanket on the beach with the headline: “Hello suz on headlines sooooo” and Chris said: “too many drive through Panera. dating for at least a couple of weeks by then.

The source of Us Weekly said that Chris was happy for Hannah G. when she was told she was going to be Bachelor.

“Chris is happy that Hannah is doing well on the show,” she said. “It's a nice person and we like her well.” T

Does this mean that Hannah G. was not “here for the right reasons?”

Colton's season involved much discussion about who was “here for the right reasons.” Colton was very concerned that his competitors were on the show for reasons other than falling in love with him.

Because Hannah has already dated someone from the Bachelor could a world be more interested in the fame? We do not think that. She was incredibly heartfelt when her relationship with Colton ended. And she has spoken openly about how difficult it is to improve. She also told Colton that, as she was breaking up with her, she had been ready to move wherever they wanted to start their lives with each other; she was all in.

Perhaps she has something for Bachelor Nation. She has certainly not been shy about who she would like to meet Bachelor in Paradise.

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