Saturday , July 2 2022

Hacker is Making a Booby Flawless Trap, Strikes Against Thieves Package


[Mark Rober] fed with missing packages. He still received notices that his supplies had been introduced, but when he looked at his gate he saw nothing there. The review of CCTV ponds revealed randomly by hiding up to its port and stealing its pieces. It was time to hit it back. Over six months, [Mark] and his friends were carefully designed, prototyping and ignored the perfect trap for pack thieves, leading to a small unit to hide as Apple HomePod. The whole scheme is a wonderful wonder and we are thrilled.

The main feature of the device is a spinning cup at the top that contains a great deal of glitter. When implemented, it is injected in all directions. You could say it's innocent, because it's just glitter. But then again, gliter has a way of staying with you for the rest of your life – turning to the smallest expected times. He definitely leaves an emotional impression.

Activation is quite clever; The fake package sits on the portal until an accelerometer detects movement. At that point, GPS checks to see if the package has traveled outside a geo-fence around [Mark]The house A signal to the four smartphones will be sent to start recording – yes, that's fine, there are 4 inside cars, one on each side to hold the thief's response.

How it can [Mark] are you so confident that he will be able to recover the four telephones and films? That is answered by tracking GPS and the ability to spray fart after acting by a 3D and DC motor drive, ensuring that the thief for this package does not come. These polished motor actuator and controllers are controlled by a normal PCB, which also triggers the phones to start recording via their mobile phone and find the opening of the pack with some microswitches. This is truly a masterpiece that joins the pack thieves in a way that leaves impression while still a player.

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