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Grinch breaks Christmas lights in the Montreal suburb

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Published Thursday, December 20, 2018 EST EST 6:38

Under the night cover, Grinch anonymously worked quickly, highlighting the Christmas lights at Michael Regina's home and moving within seconds.

At least two other homes were hit on the same street in the Montreal suburb of Montreal, but Regina only caught an insight into the offender. His door lock safety camera was holding the moment in breaking the lights.

"Suddenly, they're coming up with clippers, breaking the wires, and occasionally walking up my junction and on the left," Regina told CTV Montreal on Thursday. "I have no idea why. It's curious."

Regina signed a police report and a complaint to the city, but he is one of the fun victims of her street. One of his neighbors has broken their lights twice this holiday season.

Christmas lights are likely to be a common temptation for suburban vandals. Last year, in Gwinnett County, Ga., In the U.S., a group drew out small tree displays and career arches in front of a home, before one slipped and fell on the trap. In Oregon that year, it seems that the person responsible for a number of reports of breaking holiday lights was squirrel.

Other neighbors in the Montreal suburb have been convinced that they know who the perpetrator is, and it's not squirrels – nor Grinch. According to one woman:

"You can call the police – it's Scrooge."

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