In recent years (since Google launched and that Allo had killed effectively), Hangouts has been dying slowly. Parts of it have been cut, and others have completely killed. According to a report by Stephen Hall, 9to5Google, his days have been numbered literally. The service is expected to have a lid in the year not far from the year 2020.

9to5 Google does not name its sources, but this would not be an unexpected development. With Allo having died effectively (although still technically active), it was surprising that Google kept Hangouts around as long as it did. Unfortunately, Hangouts is still used among some groups – especially among Android developers and Google dedicated, considering its integration to other company products and services, such as Gmail.

Hangouts Chat and Meet, the two Hangouts G destinations, targeted by corporate, will continue to operate following the expected reduction of Hangouts, according to 9to5Google. However, there is no word yet about what will happen to existing user Hangouts data. Those who rely on Hangouts talk stories are likely to consider taking Google Takeout sometime before it dies.

What will happen to that "Chats" in Gmail? Also, organize your Artem input, jeeze input boxes.

We reached Google for confirmation and with questions about existing data Hangouts persistence, but no response was received by publishing. We will update our attention if any comment is provided.

Another one title: Google to fulfill the mercy of killing Hangouts in 2020, online petitions are waiting for your race