H & M was in hot water after promoting their jumper "Monkey Coolest Monkey In The Jungle", and that was understandable. He gave the brand a young boy in the jumper, pointing out the test and urged The Weeknd to leave the brand. Although the anger of society in the monkey sugar makes sense, new beef against God 21 seems unnecessary. The clothing company decided to sell ugly Christmas sweaters, plus most of their competition. Without choosing to stand out, God 21 composes a Black Panther theme jumper that reads "Wakanda Forever." Comics book and movie were found on Tuesday after they discovered that Forever 21 was installing a blonde hairy nailty model in the jumper for an advertisement.

Although Forever 21 could have installed a Black model in the jumper, a white man in the ad does not seem big. He definitely moves unwanted marketing, but the case has offended a lot. Black Panther It was a world-wide film, one that influenced all cultures. He enjoyed the films and blackest surfaces around the world, so anyone could be a fan. Os Black Panther has learned anything for us, that's why Black culture can push a brand past billions of dollars. If something is enraged, a white person wearing the jumper appears counterproductive and relatively relative to negative race. Still, God took 21 down the addition and apologized for the crime of anyone through TMZ.

"God 21 receives feedback on our products and marketing seriously," said the company. "We celebrate all superheroes with a variety of different ethnicity models and apologize if the picture in question was offensive in any way." To be honest, a country that was not settled by Europeans may not be celebrating traditional Christmas celebrations anyway. Happy Holidays!