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Global Offshore Contract Drilling Market Forecast for 2023 – Lower Operating Driving Market & Market Rates –


Dublin – (WIRE BUSINESS) – Y "Worldwide
Offshore Contract Drilling Market – Growth, Trends, and Forecast (2018 –
2023) "
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The demand for offshore drilling rigs is directly related to the region
and global levels of offshore exploration and development spending by
oil and gas companies.

The continued decline in oil prices in the past of 2014 was high
causing a significant drop in demand for offshore drilling
So many projects are uneconomically, resulting in fewer market
tenders in recent times. Since the start of the decline,
Retired drill contractors have around 100 caterers and 50

As the market improves and increases demand, there are newer and higher rigs
They are expected to get contract awards first, increasing the likelihood
older and less able people are not returning to the global global world

With the sign of recovery, the use rate has shown some
improvement, along with contract length. However, there are days rates
still showing a significant improvement.

Lower Market Driving Action Costs

There are a number of large oil production companies such as ExxonMobil, Shell,
ConocoPhillips, and Chevron have managed to bring the breakeven
Prices of about a high level of USD 80 per barrel for some or less
USD 40 and gasgen between 2014 and 2016, in different regions. Y
mainly due to the better improvement
ultimate recovery, lower drilling and cost completion and structural

Although the breeding price has increased slightly recently,
It is still lower than the price of crude oil. In June 2018, the Norwegian
the parliament approved a USD 5.85 billion development plan for the Johan
The Castberg project that it is expected to start producing in 2022. Y
Development cost has been cut since the 2013 scheme to enable the project
even cut at USD 31 per barrel instead of USD 80 per barrel.

Jackups is one of the largest markets

Jackups are the most popular and most popular supported MODUs used for
Up to 400 feet deep water, that is, bass water. About 125
jackups older than 30 years are dormant, and there are contracts for them
Around 65 jackups that are 30 years of age or older are over by the
end of 2018 without follow-up. The expenditure required to be accepted
these aging rails are an intense cost and are expected to be deleted or
Having a cold stack, which is expected to continue during 2018 and 2019.

The water jackups segment is based on the highway recovery mode
goods prices, and it is anticipated that its use will improve in the
second half of 2018, as the fonts are used with increasing demand.

The demand for jackups rigs is expected to be driven by the Middle East,
and then Europe and Asia between 2018 and 2020. The competition is also
It is expected to be significant with the new buildings that were ideal in the
A few years ago, he also started to compete.

Market Developments

  • Transocean Limited received a contract for deeper water
    GSF Driller Development semisubmersible I, 11-well contract
    (about 955 days) starts on Australia at sea in the first
    Half 2019 with Chevron Australia. With the exception of integrated services,
    The estimated backlog of a contract is about USD 158 million.
    In addition, the contract contains four one-good options.

Key Issues Provided

1. Executive Summary

2. Research Methodology

2.1 Scope of Study

2.2 Market Definition

2.3 Study Assumptions

2.4 Study Provisions

2.5 Research Stages

3. Overview of Offshore Contract Drilling Market

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Market Size Preview and Call 2023

3.3 Offshore Marking Use Rates, By Region, 2006-2017

3.4 Global Offshore Operational Networks Account of Great Countries

3.5 CAPEX preview at sea in USD billion by Region, until 2023

3.6 Key Key Key Projects

3.7 Trends and Recent Developments

4. Market Dynamics

4.1 Offshore Contract Drilling Market Drivers

4.2 Offshore Contract Drilling Market Restrictions

4.3 Offshore Contract Drilling Market Opportunities

5. Supply Chain Analysis

6. Attract Industry – Five Police & Feeder Analysis

6.1 Bargaining Supplier Power

6.2 Bargaining Use Power

6.3 Threat of Entrants

6.4 Problem Threat and Proxy Services

6.5 Competitive Rivalism Density

7. Market Analysis Segment

7.1 The Depression Market Drilling Market By Depth

7.2 Offshore Contract Drill Market By Type

8. Regional Market Analysis

8.1 North America Offshore Contract Drill Market

8.2 European Offshore Contract Drilling Market

8.3 South American Offshore Contract Drill Market

8.4 Asia-Pacific Offshore Contract Drill Market

8.5 Mid-East and Africa Onnraeth Contract Drill Market

9. Key Company Analysis

9.1 Transocean Ltd

9.2 Seadrill Ltd.


9.4 Noble Drill PLC

9.5 Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc

9.6 China Oilfield Services Limited

9.7 Rowan Companies PLC

9.8 Maersk Group

9.9 Ocean Rig UDW Inc

9.10 Sapem SpA

* Outstanding List

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