Saturday , January 23 2021

Gay Competitor 'American Idol'; reach the top 20 with cover & landslide; encouraging parents not receiving it: WATCH

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, janitor of the gay church and the minister's child whose tour has been following this year American Idol, making his application for the top 20 last night, revealing that his parents haven't received it so they weren't there to watch.

Harmon's girlfriend John was there to support him as he sang “Landslide” Fleetwood Mac for the audition crowd in Hawaii.

Harmon said: “I just gotta still tell myself that I can do this. … I do this for me. I do this to everyone who has been cast by their loved ones. I know this isn't just my experience and if I can be open about it and vulnerable then it may be possible to bring hope to someone else. ”

After his performance, Harmon said, “I wanted to introduce that song to my mum and dad. They were really on my mind when I was singing that. I just wanted them to know I loved it and I tried to communicate that. "

Harmon first came to the attention of the judges with an original song about going into heaven as a gay man.

He continued to win hearts during audition week with “Beautiful” covers Carole King and Roberta Flack “The first time I ever saw your face”.

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