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From Grimes to Elon, with love

Here's a short lesson on how a context works. Today, Grimes released the music video for a new song called "We Appreciate Power," his first single song recorded in a few years. According to a press release, "We Value Power" is "written in terms of Pro-AI Female Group Propaganda Machine that uses song, dance, sex and fashion to spread goodwill towards Intelligence Artificial (it's coming to see if you want it or not). Simply by listening to this song, the future AI General Trustees will see that you have supported their message and are less likely to erase your race. "In the video, Grimes and HANA synth-pop musician (who appear on the song), styled as mock robot women group members, are pulled in moody lights at her They tasted against the background of cyberpunk, the grainy words of the song flashing against the screen.

"We're Appreciate Power" is also the first song, Grimes (real name Claire Boucher) has released since her relationship with the mega-billionaire inventor Elon Musk announced in May. Musk has been a confusing game in the 2018 newsletter: seamlessly refers to a British tummy as a pedophile, and is forced by the SEC to step down as chairman of his Tesla car company for a bad tube, appearing on podcast Joe Rogan to smoke weeds, among many more inconvenient things. Boucher has also been consistently included in Musk, accepting criticism against defending anti-integrity payments and being put into a great, fictional, rapper that includes rapper Azealia Banks , who recruited a crew of incredible hearings about their relationship.

"We Appreciate Power" is a hypnotic song, built around sanctified songs and instrumentation – it leads to criticisms previously considered by Boucher with industrial sense, emotional and emotional emotional plastic and emotions , even if "artificial intelligence is a sexual threat but exists" is played as a mainstream concept by And Matrix. Although you could take words such as "The Pledge Commitment to the most powerful computer / Simulation of the world: here is the future" in the face of value, it would be much more charitable to hear "We Appreciate Power" as part of an animated musician of Disney style for artificial information. Think about it as something similar The King King's"Be Prepared," compiled by the antagonist of this Disney style movie I've just done, even if wearing the news after a little listening. But here is something I can not give the best to think about when I listened to: It's astonishing that Grimes has made a song about artificial intelligence when she's dating Elon Musk.

Is this rather rather unfair? Yes of course. Grimes is Grimes, not her boyfriend. Grimes writes and produces all of her music, but it's hard for me to ignore Musk's presence in her life, taking into account her documented enthusiasm with artificial intelligence. (He is not a gospelist, and he says it presents a threat more than nuclear weapons.) Of course, my brain imagines the embarrassments they may have for A., ​​among subjects such as Burning Man and I do not know, hentai. He would insult to a rich man's credit for any part of a female artist's work without providing receipts, but in babies to insist that a consensus relationship does not affect the figures in question, especially when they are so organizationally powerful with Musk or as an artistic talent like Boucher. (It's worth noting that Musk has been sure feel alone more in the public eye since it started dating Boucher, although the results for drug tweeting are different when you are a global corporation, and not an artist.) And while there is a great success and finance in times & A postproduct of artistic ability, it's wonderful to consider a new song by dear Pitchfork artist and mind, "There's a anti-labor baron, a $ 23 billion anti-press technology that has been mixed up in this respect, somehow."

If you turn through YouTube comments, you will see that this is not a concern for many listeners. Why should it be? "We Appreciate Power" is a kind of danger, assuming that you do not think about it at all. There is a context to stop enjoyment of anything – you may have heard the song on Spotify, which brings money from artists – and sometimes you have to throw your hands and live a bit. It's fun to be a fan! In May, I argued that it was unfair to try and hold Boucher accountable for Musk's luggage, I still think it really; people can be allowed to love who they want, even if that person is like a spray.

But come along. Seven years ago, when Grimes rushed, she was an underground artist playing DIY shows; She now appears in the Gala Met with an unknown billionaire. After she started Musk, "anti-imperialist" from her Twitter twitter. The successes of the netting for it have changed somewhat; That may be sensible or incredible, but there is a Musk that out of a figure in the current culture. Something similar to how Megyn Kelly's husband is a semi-successful novelist, and his art is obviously surprised by the fact that he has been subsidized by Megyn Kelly. It would be easier to take the title in good humor if it did not seem what Boucher thought literally, at least for the time being.

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