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Former ambassador tries to sue a $ 300K trustee assistant over mental suffering allegations


OTTAWA – Days after losing his right-handed man Gerald Butts, Prime Minister's political assistant, Justin Trudeau – Katie Telford – faces allegations that have suffered deliberate suffering from a former ambassador.

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The allegation has included in a legal case filed by Vivian Bercovici, former ambassadors from Canada to Israel, appointed by the former Conservative government of Stephen Harper and who ended by Trudeau Librarians.

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Bercovici claims that she has terminated without being compensated properly for pension benefits, and that the government is being abused and harassed.

On Monday, his lawyer will petition to the Justice Court of Ontario to revise the legal case for Telford and four senior officials from Global Affairs Canada he added as defendants.

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The allegations have not been proven in court, and the Office of the Prime Minister did not respond to a request for comments.

The Justice Department says in a response filed in court last month that "heavy allegations" Bercovici should be rejected.

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Bercovici has been the subject of a debate since Harper appointed her to send it to Israel in 2014. She was not a career diplomat – it was not unusual for appointing appointments of a high ambassador – but he was faced with an internal opposition in the ministry overseas because it's too pro-Israel. Bercovici is a Jewish and a self-destined supporter for Israel.

The Harper Conservatives were faced with criticism that they were too old in Israel in their position in the Middle East, and refusing the long idea in Canadian diplomacy that Ottawa would see himself as an honest "broker" in the conflict between the Jewish and Palestinian state.

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The Bercovici lawsuit claims that the bureaucracy did not get it from the time it was appointed. She was "not only supported without support in her role, but the person named as Defendants as well as other people in the Public Service, had campaigned and deliberately campaigned abuse "against her.

After the Liberals put her away in mid-2016 – as they were entitled to do – Bercovici claims that the government has rejected almost $ 32,000 in pension benefits. She adheres for that amount, as well as millions of dollars in penalty and moral accidents.

Lawyer of Toronto Vivian Bercovici, Canada's new ambassador to Israel, nominated

The Bercovici lawsuit claims that she reaches Telford repeatedly through emails and telephone calls to deal with her pension, but she has always been ignored.

In his league, she is looking for $ 250,000 in compensation by Telford for "deliberate disturbance of mental suffering."

The proposal to add Telford and four senior senior affairs officer of Canada as defendants was filed in December and will be debated in a Toronto court on Monday.

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On January 9, the Department of Justice filed its answer with court court, arguing that there was no value to add five new defendants to the legal case.

"Plaintiff claims against the proposed individuals are incredible and do not disclose any reasonable cause of action," said the fact presented by the Department of Justice.

"The allegations made by the Plaintiff do not rise to the level of abusive and disruptive behavior. Plaintiff has failed to plead any relevant facts to support his allegations of personal assaults & # 39; featured, threatened, threatened or suffered. The Plaintiff makes heavy allegations who has no details. "

The exciting veterinary drama is developing as the Office of the Prime Minister undertook the resignation of Butts, who served as the chief secretary of Trudeau and the most trusted adviser.

Butts rejected any inappropriate but said he was pointing out the government in relation to allegations chatting that unnamed officers in the Prime Minister's Office put unnecessary pressure on the old general attorney in a case involving SNC engineering -Lavalin.

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Butts and Telford were Trudeau architects rising to the leadership of the Liberal party and the subsequent 2015 electoral victory.

Natalie MacDonald, the lawyer of Bercovici, suggested that the current doubt outlines the Office of the Prime Minister receiving a resonance to his client.

"We have alleged that Katie Telford, a central figure of the Chief Medical Officer, has ignored repeatedly requests for help and immediate intervention in relation to the collection of pension funds by Ms. Bercovici unconscious of government," said MacDonald at The Canadian Press.

"No client was given a choice but to prosecute. Given what has emerged in Ottawa in recent weeks, we are now questioning the extent to which the PMO directs & The General Attorney to suspend Ms. Bercovici's pension funds. "

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