Tuesday , December 1 2020

Ford Government recalls a legislature after the Power Workers Union announced hitting action

The government of Ontario will remember the legislature on Monday after workers in the Ontario power union issued a warning to hit on Friday. The government says that it will meet to take legislation by-to-work to keep power workers on work and to prevent wide edges.

On Friday, the Power Workers' Union (PWU) filed a notice to hit Generation Power Ontario (OPG), after refusing its final contract offer. The notice gives 21 days until the services are withdrawn.

"We want to get everyone from Ontario, families and businesses, that we are going to take quick steps to resolve this issue," said Greg Rickford Energy Minister in a press direction Friday.

OPG said in a Thursday statement, "it's disappointing that its fair and reasonable offer has not been confirmed by PWU members."

It would take three weeks to drop nuclear plants in the province, but Rickford said the province could start testing power stations in seven to 10 days.

Rickford said that the OPG produces about half of the electricity in Ontario. He said "outage" would be a devastating consequence, not just for the economy but to the safety of families and businesses, so we plan to take what action we need to ensure the supply is seamless. "

Detailed contingency plans & # 39;

The Power Workers Union represents over 16,000 employees in the Ontario energy sector, including around 6,000 OPG employees.

The union said, "PWU members will continue to fulfill their responsibilities in accordance with all safety guidelines in preparation for the implementation of a job."

In the statement on Thursday, the OPG said she had "very detailed contingency plans in place and promptly urged them."

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