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Fleetwood Mac cancels Canada gigs due to group sickness & bands;


Fleetwood Mac has been forced to cancel their latest concert just 90 minutes before the show time.

To the disappointment of their supporters in Edmonton, Canada, the legendary runners came out of a Saturday night show at Rogers Place because of "member sickness of the band".

Later, Neil Finn, a member of the Kiwi band, came to an end to the speculation, apologizing for their lack of appearance and postage, "we had to protect the wonderful force of nature That's Stevie [Nicks] voice ".

A Monday concert in Calgary has also been canceled, Tim Shipton Oilers Entertainment Group spokeswoman said in a statement sent to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Both concerts have been reorganized for April. The next appearance is expected to be in Vancouver on Wednesday.

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Fleetwood Mac has canceled two Canadian concerts for the rest of the Stevie Nicks voice.

Fleetwood Mac has canceled two Canadian concerts for the rest of the Stevie Nicks voice.

The 41-year-old band is part-touring a tour of North America, the first with her solo series featuring Finn and before Tom Petty and BBC guitar Mike Campbell. Both Lindsey Buckingham replaced, who left Fleetwood Mac after disagreement at the beginning of 2018.

As well as playing a few songs from the backdrop of Crowded House as part of their set, the 60-year-old Finn has also been praised, as recently as last Thursday (by Ohio & # 39; s The Columbus Dispatch), for his voice "Westminster Abbey choir boy".

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