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Flair Airlines has suspended several flights to Florida and California a few months after expanding service to U.S. destinations.

Noting "disappointed load factors," the ultra-low carrier in Kelowna called a quick stop to service from Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto to destinations including Miami, Tampa Bay and Palm Springs.

The bans are effective this Thursday and almost two months after the airline will publish the new routes in the North American invasive market.

Flair is facing a domestic competition by the Swoop budget competitor – owned by WestJet Airlines Ltd – and Air Canada but competing with Air Transat for sun destinations in the U.S.

Flair Chief Executive Jim Scott said in December that the prices and increasing timetable by WestJet cost a $ 10 million budget carrier over four months and put it at risk as a battle "David and Goliath" came to an end in an investigation by a Canadian competition guardian.

On 11 December, the federal justice of Canada's Federal Justice command to vice president of WestJet appeared before the Competition Center to explain the tactics of the company.

Flair says she is in the process of contacting all affected passengers and giving them full refunds or alternative travel arrangements.


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February 22, 2019 / 11:38 pm | Story:

The National Energy Board has approved the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline. If it is approved by Ottawa, the regulator states that it will set 156 conditions on the project. He has also made 16 new recommendations for the federal government.

1. Develop a plan to assess the effects on the Salish Sea and a long-term strategy to control those effects.

2. Release a public, annual Salish Sea report and any gaps in measures to address effects.

3. Develop marine monitoring and protection program.

4. Except a study for the establishment of the Georgia Southern National Marine Reserve Reserve and create if it is practical.

5. Develop a program to offset more underwater noise and increased risk of strike caused to marine mammals and fish species.

6. As part of the offsetting program: consider slow down in shipping routes, restrictions on whale watching boats, reducing ferry noise and incentives and requirements for the design of quiet ships.

7. Review and update federal response federal federal slip response requirements.

8. Develop a regulatory framework for compulsory removal of compulsory abstraction in the Salish Sea for pipeline-related tankers.

9. Consider Canada / United States of America Boundary Transport Risk Assessment.

10. Develop measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as supporting the use of low carbon dioxide fuels for marine boats and providing economic incentives for the use of energy efficient and efficient technologies.

11. Seek feedback for the Inherent Advisory and Monitoring Committee on a marine security system in conjunction with the Canadian Coast Guard.

12. Continue to engage in indigenous communities, leisure boats and shipping operators regarding steering safety to prevent collisions with larger boats.

13. Accelerate the development of the Advanced High Awareness initiative and the proposed extension of the Automatic Identification System to smaller passenger ships.

14. Look at new routes to provide grants and contributions for financial incentives to promote innovation, such as new oil recovery technologies.

15. Does Transport Transport Canada review federal marine oil compensation regimes in relation to compensation for indigenous and non-inherent communities that could be affected by a marine oil leak.

16. Develop a complaints solution program that collects community feedback on port-related effects and resolves complaints about marine ships that were clogged in moorings managed by the Fraser Fraser Port Authority.

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February 22, 2019 / 9:44 am | Story:

Kraft Heinz revealed an investigation by federal regulators and said that he would reduce the value of his $ 15.4 billion Oscar Mayer and Kraft brands, major disadvantages for a company trying to regenerate home-based fixed brands.

He sent a ton of bad news, which also included a dividend break and a weak appearance for the year, dividing 26 per cent on the opening bell of Friday, which was their biggest deterioration in one day. Prior to noon, the company lost $ 16 billion worth of market value.

Kraft Heinz referred to the impairment charge for a striking loss of $ 12.6 billion fourth quarter.

Kraft Heinz said that the US Guarantee and Exchange Commission investigation related to accounting practices in the department dealing with supplier interactions. The SEC refused to comment.

Recovery and steep loss in the quarter are a destructive recognition that attempts to change the company's trajectory have not been as successful as they had thought.

Kraft Heinz and other food makers who dominate the grocery shelves for many of the World War II times have been blocked by a seismic change in what consumers want.

Families, especially in the United States, have pivotted from packed foods familiar with products that are marketed as being healthier, or pledged new flavors. The tension has not been good for some hot dogs Kraft Heinz as Jell-O and Kool-Aid and Oscar Mayer.

In the fourth quarter, Kraft Heinz said lower prices in the US helped boost sales volume. Its general global sales also extended up, but its profit excluding one-time payments was still short of Wall Street's expectations.

I was engineered in 2015 by Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital. The Brazilian investment company is known about taking companies and improving results through slashing costs.

But it's probably the strategy did not work as planned in Kraft Heinz.

"We're extremely optimistic in delivering savings that were not relevant by the end of the year," said Bernardo Vieira Hees CEO Kardo Heinz. "That's why we take full responsibility."

JPMorgan analyst Ken Goldman said the results were going to doubt the Capital 3G strategy to pursue growth through cost cuts.

"Investors for years have asked if the 3G extreme belt tightening model would ultimately lead to a brand equity erosion," Goldman wrote.

Goldman said the answer could be the intangible asset of $ 15 billion to mark Kraft and Oscar Mayer brands.

Kraft Heinz brands, of course, have not been the same one on American grocery shelves for decades.

General Mills Inc., Campbell Soup Co., Kellogg Co., a J.M. Smucker Co holds the same familiar place in the care of the American user.

On Friday, these home names listed the list of worst performing stocks on the S & P 500, possibly suggesting worst fears to come this year to the makers of some American iconic brands.

In the case of the SEC investigation, Kraft Heinz said that the author was urging him to launch his own review, which led to a charge of £ 25 million for expenses that should have been counted. The company said it was working to prevent similar mistakes from going on.

The company dispersed its dividend by 36 per cent on Thursday.

That was the biggest concern for Stifel's analyst, Christopher Growe, who abolished his purchase rate of the company's stock. Growe said he does not believe that Kraft Heinz is in a strong position as the industry has been reinforced because Kraft Heinz plans to sell more brands.

"The basic weak performance of the business and the continuing need to reinvest back to the business is likely to keep the company going to combine at any time soon," said Growe.

He said that Kraft Heinz will face rising costs as well as a strong dollar that can break into profit.


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February 22, 2019 / 9:39 pm | Story:

SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. had breached its dividend by 65 per cent on Friday as it reported a four-quarter loss of $ 1.6 billion.

The troubled horses and large builders said that he will now pay a quarterly dividend of 10 cents of the share compared to an earlier payment of 28.7 cents per share.

SNC-Lavalin has been at the heart of a political scandal in Ottawa rather than the company's desire to negotiate a prosecution agreement after delaying in connection with fraud and bribery payments related to business relations between them and the Moammar Gadhafi order Libya between 2001 and 2011.

The company also announced two sales warnings earlier this year dealing with problems in a mining project in Chile and an oil and gas business in Saudi Arabia.

"Year 2018 was a disappointing year, since our mining segments and metallurgy and gas and gas gases have been underperformed," said chief executive Neil Bruce in a Friday statement.

Constant diplomatic tensions between Canada and Saudi Arabia have compromised future contracts in the Middle East kingdom, Bruce said last month after announcing a $ 1.24 billion deficit associated with the SNC-Lavalin oil and gas business.

The January 28 announcement, together with news about delays in the Chile mining project and the loss of arbitration in Australia, sent 27 per cent plumbing shares to close at $ 35.01, their host since September 2012.

Analyst, Derek Spronck of RBC Dominion Securities, told investors to "keep silent and continue."

"There are still many challenges to SNC, but none of them would look so unpleasant and more than reflected in the current share price," he said in a research note on Friday.

Spronck was hoping to have a recovery agreement – which would allow SNC-Lavalin to avoid a criminal prosecution in return for fines and other penalties – despite the fire break in Ottawa after the Globe and Mail reported that the Office & The First Minister has stressed before the justice minister Jody Wilson – A duty to inform prosecutors for discussions with the company.

A criminal case could result in a 10-year ban on offering federal contracts. The SNC-Lavalin's ability to make an application would not continue to be affected, at least directly, "during what could be a multi-year trial process," Spronck was noted.

Analysts also pointed to a potential sales of some 16.77 per cent interest in the ETD Ontario highway in 407 in 2019. The company has been insisting on a partial sale for at least six months, which would provide a splash of & # 39; the analysts of $ 2.2 billion to him. say value is worth

The company's loss for its fourth quarter amounted to $ 9.11 per weakened share. O compared to a profit of $ 52.4 million or 30 cents per diluted share in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Total Revenue of $ 2.56 billion, down from $ 2.92 billion.

On a customized basis, SNC reported a loss of $ 1.31 per weak share of compared to a profit to adjust from 98 cents per share that had been diluted a year ago.

Analysts on average had expected to lose $ 1.19 per weak share, according to Thomson Reuters Eikon.

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February 22, 2019 / 9:37 pm | Story:

The Royal Bank of Canada raised its dividend as it indicated a quarterly net income of $ 3.17 billion, up to five percent a year ago, in line with street expectations such as the volatility of the market during the period pressing on its earnings.

The lender based on Toronto visited his quarterly payment to ordinary shareholders by four cents to $ 1.02 per share.

The bank dividend increased on Friday as the firm earnings lender of its banking and personal and commercial insurance divisions for the quarter ended January 31.

However, RBC also reported level results of a wealth management arm and lower results in capital markets and investor and treasury services due to challenging market conditions.

RBC's chief executive, Dave McKay, said he was "a strong start to the year" where a bank diversification business "really showed a quarter that was really volatile, especially in December," is affecting different sections.

"But all of them are fundamental in the momentum of significant clients, market share earnings and a great core activity that we can win," McKay told analysts on Friday. "We do not feel, as we said, very good about the levels of activity in our business and the momentum that our business has gone to the rest of the year."

Canada's biggest lender indicated the net income market value for the three month period ending on January 31 which amounted to $ 2.15 per weak share, compared to $ 2.01 a year ago.

After adjustments, RBC earned $ 2.19 per weak share, matching $ 2.19 per share expected by analysts, according to Thomson Reuters Eikon.

The bank's personal and commercial banking division earned a net income of $ 1.57 billion, an increase of 3.3 percent of the same period a year earlier, mainly due to volume growth and the spread of a higher deposit. RBC insurance reported net income of $ 166 million, up to 31 percent of the previous year's period.

However, its other pressures came under pressure by the rapid market performance during the quarter. There was a sharp sale on the markets of North America last year among political tensions including a trade battle between China and the United States, but it saw recovery in January.

The RBC wealth management branch achieved earnings of $ 597 million, one-year flat, one year ago due to factors including higher costs associated with business growth and "lower transaction volumes such as equity markets affected by uncertainty . "

The RBC treasury investors and services branch saw a decrease in net income from 26 per cent to $ 161 million, mainly due to lower funding and liquidity revenue, higher costs to support business growth and lower revenues from the business of asset services due to challenging conditions the market and lower client activity.

The total earnings for the RBC capital markets department was $ 653 million, down 13 per cent a year earlier, mainly due to higher provisions for lower credit and lower revenue losses in corporate banking and investment activity and issuance activity.

Although RBC earnings per share for the quarter were in line with expectations, the results of the bank were "lower quality," said Scott Chan, an analyst with Chanaccord Genuity Capital Markets, in a note to clients.

"In terms of share price appreciation (RBC) going to the quarter, we see these results quite well and expect the stock to be pretty underperforming," said Chan.

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February 22, 2019 / 9:36 am | Story:

Canada's statistics say retail sales range down 0.1 percent to $ 50.4 billion in December as sales in gasoline stations are partly reduced due to lower prices in the pump.

Economists had expected a 0.3 per cent limit for the month, according to Thomson Reuters Eikon.

Sales at gasoline stations dropped by 3.6 per cent in December, while sales in electronics and equipment stores dropped by 4.0 per cent.

With the exception of gasoline stations, retail sales sold 0.4 per cent.

Sales in motor vehicles and sellers rose by 1.0 per cent, led by a 1.2 per cent increase in new car dealers.

Retail sales increased in terms of volume 0.2 per cent.

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February 22, 2019 / 9:35 yrs | Story:

Saputo Inc. has signed a friendly deal to buy a Dairy Crest Group plc company in the UK plc in an agreement worth about $ 1.7 billion.

Under the agreement, Saputo will pay 6.20 pounds per share to the company.

Dairy Crest produces and sells cheese, signs, spread and oil under British brands such as Cathedral City, Clover, Country Life and Frylight.

The company has around 1,100 employees in seven locations across the United Kingdom.

The agreement is subject to approval by Dairy Crest shareholders as well as court approval and other approvals.

It is expected that the transaction will close later this year.

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February 22, 2019 / 9:27 am | Story:

UPDATE: 9:25 a.m.

The National Energy Board has approved the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline following the reconsideration of its impact on marine life off the B.C. coastline.

The energy controller says an increase in tanker traffic arising from the pipeline would hurt the killer whales of southern residents and increase greenhouse gas emissions.

But he says that the side effects can be justified in light of the "substantial benefits" of the project.

Alberta has been struggling fighting for the expansion of the Trans Mountain so that the province can move more crude oil to and from ports to experienced overseas markets.

The original approval of the energy board of the project was set aside last summer by the Federal Court of Appeal, who said that the regulator had not properly considered marine life.

The NEB report begins the clock at a 90-day period for the federal government to decide whether the project should proceed.

Officer in Resources The Minister, Amarjeet, the Sohi office has said that a final decision will not be made until consultations with the affected Native groups are complete.

The consultations were also a matter where the Federal Appeal Court was raised when it ended the project.

SUBJECT: 6:50 a.m.

An environmental group that seeks to expand the expanding scope of the National Energy Board on the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline says it is fully expecting the project approval board today.

"I believe that the NEB has a long history of riding with industry for communities and other concerns … so we expect them to recommend that the project go ahead despite the serious problems , "said Sven Biggs, a campaigner climate for, the Vancouver environmental group of the ForestEthics name.

Project objectors are already planning their response, which will include legal challenges, says Thursday.

"There are likely to be more legal cases and more delays, and if the cabinet decides to proceed and restart construction, you will see protests in the streets and along the pipeline path," he said.

The federal regulator has arranged to release his recommendations today, but restarting the construction of controversial crossing from Edmonton to Burnaby is still facing barriers.

NEB's approval was given to the project for 2016 last summer by the Federal Court of Appeal and found that the regulator had not properly considered that additional tanker traffic would affect the deadly whales living in the south due to the increase in crude oil flow.

The court also found that there was not enough federal government consultation with indigenous communities.

In response, Ottawa ordered the NEB to reopen its review process to fill the marine life gap and Minister of Natural Resources Amarjeet Sohi ordered a new round of consultations with the Native groups affected.

The introduction of the NEB report will start the clock at a 90-day closing date for cabinet to determine whether the project should proceed, but Sohi's office officials have said that a final decision will not be made until the consultations have completed, which means that delays are possible.

Vanessa Adams, a spokeswoman for Sohi, would not comment on Thursday about whether the cabinet's decision could be deferred. But he said in an email that the federal government wanted to "achieve the required public trust" to help move market resources by addressing environmental, indigenous and local concerns. first.

He said that a 60-member consultation team in British Columbia and Alberta has met more than 85 117 native groups affected by TMX and more meetings are held daily.

On Tuesday, NEB refused to offer from to file on January 21 requiring him to add consideration to greenhouse gas emissions upstream and downstream to review marine shipping issues.

The group had asked the project to apply the same standard as the Energy East pipeline that was canceled before it presented its final report to the federal government.

But the federal regulator said that the offer of Standman had lost its closing dates and applications made by several other parties that had already been rejected.

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February 21, 2019 / 5:22 pm | Story:

Freshii Inc. says he will sell his preparatory foods soon in some locations in Walmart Canada in Ontario his first partnership with a big grocery.

The Toronto company is marketing its meals as healthier meal options saying its products will be in 100 Walmart Canada stores by the end of April as well as online.

The news comes as Freshii, who is reporting US dollars, has a net loss of US $ 483,000 for the quarter ending December 30, compared to a net loss of $ 620,000 for the same quarter a year earlier.

Net income has adapted for the fourth quarter in at $ 232,000, up from $ 155,000 for the same quarter a year earlier. Analysts had expected earnings of $ 134,000.

Freshii says that the total revenue, which includes its franchise shops and stores that belong to the company, is a total of $ 5.65 million for the quarter up from $ 4.85 million a year earlier.

Company CEO, Matthew Corrin, says that the company has a lot of work to do in the coming year and will focus on streamlining operations in the shop, improving its menu, and investing more in marketing and technology.

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February 21, 2019 / 3:08 pm | Story:

Hudson Bay Bay closes its Home Outfitters business and looks 20 to Saks Off Fifth locations, in an attempt to increase profitability.

The Toronto company said behind a handful of large and luxury box retailers its decision to close its home-made brand with 37 stores in Canada and review its list of 133 Saks Off Five Fifth stores as part of a "cost reduction, simplify business and improve overall profitability. "

"The simplification of our retail portfolio further enables us to focus even more on our businesses with the strongest growth opportunities," said HBC chief executive officer Helena Foulkes. "Gilt's recovery (online retailer), rights of Lord and Taylor, has recently combined our European retail operations in Germany, and today's announcement exemplifies the strategic intensity actions that we are taking to install HBC for long-term success. "

Foulkes, who was not available for interviews, and HBC had faced scrutiny over the last year due to the company's performance.

The company has repeatedly had to defend itself against the investment investors of Land and Buildings Investment Investment LLC, who sent a letter to HBC shareholders in late November, calling the board for failing to take concrete steps unlock value for shareholders.

Land and Buildings said he believed that HBC could double or triple its share price and find benefits by selling Saks Fifth Avenue, the remaining 50 per cent in its European business to Signa Holding GmbH, and Lord and Taylor a mass trader.

In its last quarter, the HBC net loss reached $ 164 million or 69 cents per share, including operations that ended.

HBC said he was expecting the closure of the Home Watch Club and Saks Off Five Reviews to be "a little favorable for EBITDA to adapt."

HBC said the 37 Allfitters Home locations will be closed this year, and HBC will continue to serve most of the markets in which the brand will be.

The company said that the review will allow it to focus on its "best locations" and its e-commerce offerings.

Home Outfitters employed less than 700 employees.

"We know that this news is difficult for our associates," said Foulkes. "We are grateful for their continued efforts to serve our customers and we will work to find opportunities within HBC for members and the affected team where possible".

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February 21, 2019 / 3:02 pm | Story:

The monitor that is being appointed by the court that oversees the search for the $ 260 million that is due to the clients of the cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX has been incorporated saying that bitcoin transfers "inadvertently" made this month due to "platform installation error" that triggered the automatic transaction.

Ernst & Young also reported in her second report that she had confirmed that the insolvent company's cold, or offline line, walks about 104 bitcoins. He had said that 103 bitcoins had been transferred on February 6.

"The Monitor understands from Control that the unintended transfer occurs due to the installation of a platform error by the Candidates that led to the automatic transfer of bitcoin to the cold Quadriga wallets," he said in the report.

"The Monitor has seen the passwords that received the cryptocurrency as a result of the location change and confirmed that the transfers occurred at the time specified by Control."

The Vancouver based exchange was closed on January 28 after the sudden death of its chief executive and sole director, Gerald Cotten. There are around $ 190 million in lost bitcoins and other cryptocurrency that has been closed in offline wallets, which are also called cold wallets, since Cotten was the only one with encrypted pass codes. In addition, there are approximately $ 70 million in cash due to around 115,000 QuadrigaCX users, which once became one of Canada's biggest cryptocurrency exchanges.

QuadrigaCX earlier this month was given to the defense of creditors in the Nova Scotia court, and Ernst & Young was appointed to monitor the oversight of the case. During the initial February 5 hearing, QuadrigaCX ordered to allow the company or monitor to maintain a cold wallet to hold any cryptocurrency held by QuadrigaCX. The court decided that Ernst & Young would be holding the cold wallet.

But on February 6, Quadriga "unintentionally transferred" specific cryptocurrency to cold wallets that the company can not access.

However, Ernst & Young reported in his latest report that Transformer, QuadrigaCX on February 14 had transferred bitcoin, literacy and other cryptocurrencies to cool, or out-of-line storage, of wallets controlled by the court-appointed monitor.

The monitor says that QuadrigaCX was transferred around 51.1 bitcoins, 33.3 bitcoin, 2,032.7 in gold bitcoin, 822.3 litecoins and 951.5 ether, which will be held until the court's further order.

The report also says that the exchange of cryptocurrency "no resourced funds" was to fund its credit and credit creditor protection case except for interim funding provided by the widow Cotten Jennifer Robertson, who is now a director of Quadriga "who will be be abolished in the near season. "

Ernst & Young says there are three sources of money available, such as bank drafts and money held by third party processors, and the company and the monitor take steps to facilitate access.

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February 21, 2019 / 11:37 am | Story:

WestJet has lost an appeal from a court decision that refused to throw a proposed class action league accusing the airline from fostering a culture that can harass female workers.

Former flight assistant Mandalena Lewis attacks a alleged sex offender, accusing his ex-employer to break his pledge to provide women with a harassment workplace.

The Supreme Court judge of Britain rejected the WestJet application to take legal action in 2017, refusing the company's argument that the dispute belonged to a human rights tribunal and employee compensation board.

The airline took its argument to B.C. The Court of Appeal and a three-judge panel adjudged him on Thursday, saying in a written decision that nothing in the relevant statutes would abolish the jurisdiction of the courts in this case.

None of the allegations have been proven in court and WestJet nor Lewis did not respond immediately to requests for comments on the decision.

The alliance plans to represent all current WestJet women and travelers flying whose employment includes a called harassment pledge, but the case has not yet been approved as a class action .

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