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Five Vancouver vessels are rented for (relatively) cheap, cheap, cheap


The multi-million dollar property in West Vancouver is on the rental market.

It is reported that dozens of millions of dollars of homes on Westside Vancouver have risen to rent due to the Provincial Statements and Vacancy Rates and the Empty Homes Tax of the city.

The empty home tax has set one percent of the assessed value of the home, while the provincial tax has set at two percent of the assessed value. So, if you own a $ 8 million home that seats empty for most of the year, you will have to cough up to $ 240,000 per annum in addition to taxes . The easy way around that is to rent the property, and to keep it alive in most of the year.

As Postmedia reported last month, there are two Twitter pages (@ mortimer_1 a @VanREflipflops) which has been making hay by highlighting the losses some homeowners take as the property market dropped.

Now, Mortimer_1 has expanded their scope to look at mega homes rented relatively cheaper.

Here's a list of five mega-rented homes, or just renting, at Metro Vancouver that is relatively inexpensive.


1: 4714 Drummond Avenue, Vancouver. This one was highlighted by @ mortimer_1 and he was used to be home to the UK Consulate – from July 1, 2018 he was valued at $ 12.6 million (in July 2017 it was worth $ 15.1m). The home was purchased in September 2016 for $ 15.6 million. It is now being offered as a rental at $ 11,995 per month, which I necessarily would say. Why not just ask for $ 12,000? The home "Available ANY" and brings a garden of 26,000 square feet, a guest room, a monster scenery and the rest. They will even consider dog. And while $ 12,000 is steep, this is a good time to talk.

The biological garden location of renting $ 12,000 a month in Vancouver.

2: 4473 West 5th Avenue, Vancouver. This home is a new building, and even brings a lane house. Point Gray property was purchased in September 2017 for just over $ 4 million and now rents for $ 6,800 per month. It has six bedrooms and bathrooms and the house has a single bedroom lane. It's completely new and looks at it. I suspect it will go to a group of Irish youths, who are coming to Vancouver more often now (it's nice to see), but in seven rooms that are still be less than $ 1,000 per person. This list is here.

The magnificent kitchen in a rented home in West Point Gray.

3: 1491 West 46th Avenue, Vancouver. This $ 4.6 million home is in line with the mansion bill. He sits on a 66-to-125 foot load bought in February 2016 for $ 2.7 million. The 70th special house on the site was pulled down and in place it has 5,000 square feet of heavy stone transportation on arches with a "Chinese kitchen". This home is now renting at $ 6,200 per month and offers four main bedrooms and two other bedrooms that may be bedrooms because they have their own bathroom. One thing to note, the basement is rented to someone else. It is located on the Kerrisdale and Oakridge border.

This multi-million home in Oakridge rents at $ 6,800 per month.

4: 1141 Crestline Road, British Property. This home was purchased in February 2017 for $ 5.5 million and offers stunning views of the English Bay and UBC. It sits on a 0.66 acre width and has 5,000 square feet of living space with six bedrooms, an outdoor pool and indoor sauna. The value of the assessed property now sits at $ 4.6 million, and is rented for $ 5,000 a month. This list is here.

British Property House Office of $ 5.5 million on the rental market for $ 5,000 per month.

5: 1163 West 39th Avenue, Vancouver. This is another Shaughnessy place and, apart from all other homes on this list, it has not been sold over the last three years (if that was, then it would be on the BC Assessment Authority's website) . Its assessed value from July 1, 2018 was $ 4.7 million, which was worth $ 300,000 less than its value assessed in 2017. The house was built in 1990 and has six bedrooms, six bathrooms and there is a offered at $ 5,800 per month. It brings gymnasium and proximity to the best private schools in Vancouver.

This home is offered for a million dollars in 1163 West 39th Avenue renting at $ 5,800 per month.

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