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Five Questions with Kevin Shattenkirk

The Q & A feature of the "Five Questions With …" runs throughout the regular 2018-19 season. We talk to key figures in the game and around them and ask them questions to get an insight into their lives, careers and up-to-date news.

The latest issue includes the defense of New York Rangers Kevin Shattenkirk, which is in the second term of a four-year contract signed by July 1, 2017.

NEW YORK — The respite Kevin Shattenkirk Earlier in the season worked clearly for the New York Ranger defender.

Shattenkirk scored healthy against San Jose Sharks on October 11, four days after he played 7:29 in a 8-5 loss in Carolina Hurricanes.

This is the latest shot for the 29 year old, who achieved a dream of playing for his home team (Shattenkirk from New Rochelle, New York) by joining the Ranger as a free agent July 1, 2017, only for losing 38 last games last season because the knee was injured he had been playing on it as a surgery was needed on a training camp.

But Shattenkirk has argued that this season is the most constant defenseist for the Rangers (13-10-2), even if his or her offensive production is not at the level he or anyone expecting him to be in it, watching one game from the box to the press.

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Shattenkirk has played in all 21 games since, on average, 19:08 of ice time. She has eight points (one goal, seven assistants) and extra-2 in that period.

Coach, David Quinn, noted that most of his game is how to protect, especially down, with confidence and strong position and body.

"It's almost back from a mental point of view to be 100 per cent, where it should be," said Quinn. "We play 20-plus games and I think it's OK, very close to being an abusive player, we know it can be. It has opportunities where we have not been very convenient, but I'm definitely happy with the direction of its game in general. "

Shattenkirk is also clear.

Here's Five Questions with … Kevin Shattenkirk:

You do not give the same numbers as you have in the past and the numbers you expect from you are likely, especially given that you are an average of around 47 points season in the four terms before you arrive in New York. But wonder how you feel about your overall game and if that is satisfactory?

"I feel it's close to the best I've been playing in my career. I'm feeling on the defensive side I'm going to play in. Faster, I'm much better skating. I think that's what has changed, I really trust myself and skate for good gaps. and do not worry about having so much beat, to be a bit more aggressive. That's what you need to do today because men are so faster and they can reach their highest speed so much faster. Looking at the last couple games, I have got chances, offensive opportunities. When those do not come when you start to question yourself, but we're starting to find a truck on our power play unit and once that will start to start that when the points start to spell me. "

Is thinking changing to you? I ask that when you arrived at New York and even in St Louis you should also hear it, people say that your offensive game is there, the power numbers are great, but also thinking about your defensive game. Have you changed your mindset to focus on protection?

"Definitely, No. I think I've always known when I'm well defended how to do, how I've done it. I'm thinking with & # 39; Last year, with the injury and leading to it, I really really protected myself on the ice of a skate. I had to. I did not have a speed like I am doing it now. When I play my best, I would like to say that I play a defense with a crime. I jump in a rush and set it off; That line is in their protective zone. That's my whole mind, to get pucks out of a fast zone and join the rush. I just think with [Quinn] a [Rangers assistant] Lindy [Ruff], this year, we've been sitting down and looking at some clips well and bad, and they've just discriminated against this and you're playing hard in the protective zone and here is # 39 ; what we want to see out of you. That's been the explanation and the way we have been successful in having an open forum. "

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Was it back by your injury and your operation harder than you thought it was going to be?

"I think it's harder for me to accept that it was just there immediately. According to the season I felt that no stone had been deleted over the summer, I had done everything I needed to do in the pressroom and on the ice room. But when you reach the pace of the game, realize that you have to take a step . What happened with me had not played a game since January, I wanted to come back and get this great feedback straight away, the first five games. Things are not always going to you from that point of view , or from the team's point of view. It was very frustrating for me, not just everything that came to an end, but it was another moment where I needed to take a deep breath The game I was sitting out It's huge. That's the place where they were both [Quinn and Ruff] just sit down and say, Hey, look, this is what you do not do. & # 39; "

We hear that there's a lot about sitting out a game, how much it helps a player. Why does the same game make a difference? Why did you make a difference?

"The game before that in Carolina we went to seven. It never worked and for whatever reason I was in the man who got the shaft. That is, one, a kind of moment, it embarrassed me On the bench, playing Very little time. Two, it was a moment I knew they were not happy with what I was doing. Three, I had to look at my game. That's when that you will take those two or three days to look at yourself in the mirror I felt that I could cheat myself and I needed to watch a game. Sometimes, when you watch a game and you put yourself in that situation of the best things, it seems a bit easier, but it's slower and it's It's easier for you. You must understand it so when you're going out the next game you can put it in place. That's why it helped me. "

As a team, do the Rangers better than even the Rangers of the opinion that they would be?

"I do not think we're better than we think we would think we are the team we are expecting not alone. It's very early in the season and what we have talked about through a training camp and early in the season, we rely on our hectic work, which is & # 39: what we do. The skill we have on the team, people do not give that respect, I believe it deserves. We are not a team that with each of the stars. We have many good players on our team that can make it difficult at nightclubs at night and at night, but when we do not work It's hard when we're at the wrong end of things. Obviously, we're young and everyone is talking about that, but we're going on now teams will know who We are. We definitely show the League that we are and impress some teams, but that's when it's going to get started That's where we'll have to really tell if we're a team that we think we are. "

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