Thursday , September 29 2022

First Nations voters have moved 22 departures in 2015 and are ready to do again: chief


OTTAWA – United Nations Prime Minister, Perry Bellegarde, has a message for federal politicians: Listen to UN priorities, or else.

Bellegarde says that United Nations voters were responsible for eradicating 22 errors in the 2015 federal election and candidates in the next year's election had improved the needs and requirements of the United Nations.

Bellegarde was speaking in the Assembly of the United Nations Special Ministers in Ottawa today.

He talked about putting the organization "Closing the Gap" to his organization in front of all parties during the last federal election. He outlined priorities on everything from the environment to Native languages ​​and said that he was sending the message that they had been better in a party platform if he wanted power.

Bellegarde says he wanted to see a few key pieces of legislation passed before the House rose in June, including the long awaited Native Languages ​​Act, recently published child welfare legislation and private private member bill NDP MP Romeo Saganash, who seeks to secure laws Canada agrees with the UN statement on the rights of indigenous people.

He also talked about climate change and asked the heads and representatives to support carbon tax as one way to turn off.

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