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Fast Shifts: 6 best protection options Maple Leafs


A quick mix of the things we collected from a hockey week, severe and less so, and roll four lines deep.

1. Kyle Dubas said that if he did not see enough earnings from a smaller line by the end of February, the Maple Leafs will investigate an upgrade on defense before passing the trade deadline, and has a cap place to & # 39; w done happening.

Although only the preferred target (the idea of ​​Chris Tanev or Carolina Brett Pesce from Vancouver who is still very vigilant, is the idea of ​​Chris Tanev or Carolina Brett Pesce or length), a pure rent D-place means that easier and cheaper trade is removed from before. February 25

Dubas admitted that the 2019 rental market was not completely abolished, apparently because the most entertaining UFA-to-be defenses belong to teams that are going for it now. Erik Karlsson? Anton Stralman? Zdeno Chara? Tyler Myers? Good luck.

But let's look short at the best bets for Dubas to find Michal Kempny based on the current play picture:

Alex Edler, 32, Vancouver: Dubas has already promoted a trade route to Vancouver (Josh Leivo), and although Edler has no trade clause, he could always re-sign in the summer if he loved so much. Of all possible rents, no one is close to recording Edler records (22:33), matching production (0.61 points per game), or using its experience – factors that should be done Well about the fact that, yes, there is another rest.

Jay Bouwmeester, 34, St Louis: Alumni Canada Team Alumni, Bouwmeester's game has been a once-off yard, but has a story of winning with coach Mike Babcock on the national squad, and that's something (see: John Tavares , Patrick Marleau). Could he dispose of his trade defense to go from Missouri's healthy disappointing disappointment to a sentimental attacker, stay at home at T.O.?

Niklas Kronwall, 37, Detroit: Babcock reminded us when Zach Hyman went on IR IR on Thursday that he does not have enough "heavy" skippers. Waiting-in-home Kronwall is bringing closer and other great rents do not. Yes, he is in his last days, but as Bouwmeester, he has a history with the Toronto trainer and is still well-logged over 18 minutes each night. He has a revised non-trading clause and presents a 10 team of approved destinations.

Nick Jensen, 28, Detroit: We are not sure that the Red Wing does not share with its leading navigation records on the killing, but as an accurate arrow below the age of 30, Dubas would be wise to give Ken Holland at least.

Ben Lovejoy, 34, New Jersey: Devil & # 39; Minus-23 is the worst in the East (thanks, in part, to games against Toronto), and yet Lovejoy is co-leading the club with an additional scale-1. It will not commit a direct crime, but the Books are good there. A veteran who can protect and eat some hard minutes.

Marc Methot, 33, Dallas: Toronto was interested in acquiring Methot back when the Golden Knights held its rights, but the feeling was not a common law. Does Methot's opinion change after a plague-injury season os y Seren – under pressure to apply, and rebuild – remove the image in the next two months?

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2. Roberto Luongo has already suffered two injuries this season. Health issues limited him to 35 appearances last season, a low career for the NHL schedule 82. Its contract does not stop until 2020. It will be 43.

In fact, dollars pay only $ 3.382 million for this season, a substantial reduction of $ 6.714 million earned annually from 2011-12 to 2017-18. In 2019-20, his salary is down to $ 1.618 million before you end $ 1 million in each of the last two years.

Was he really thinking he was going to see this contract up to the end?

"Yes, that's why I've signed it," said Luongo on Thursday.

Even with a post-dip structure?

"You have said that, I have never said that, my intention was to play as far as we can. I have never put a number on it. I have never said that I was going to retire at a certain age. 39; I go to play as long as I enjoy it. "

Luongo says he still believes he can perform at a high level. Another play runs, another Cup check all cares for – not a place on the full-time benefits list (look out, Ed Belfour, in No. 3 you're next).

I believe it.

Still, I asked if he watched the way things came to an end with Marian Hossa and Henrik Zetterberg – Fame Hall quality players and signed a similar agreement but failed to complete – it's has changed how he looks at his contract.

"Yes, it's hard. I'm not gonna lie. It's not easy. There are many things that you have to deal with when you get there, "Luongo responded.

"Recovery is not so fast. You have to do a lot of work in it to make sure you're ready to play the next night. I understand what they're going through. I & # 39 I feel every day. I'm currently doing everything I need to keep going, and I'll see how long I play. "

The difference between Luongo and Hossa / Zetterberg goes beyond the presence of Twitter: they need one ring.

3. As Alex Ovechkin's incredible beast seems to run away with what looks like his eighth Richard Rocket Trophy over 12 terms, I will present dark darkness in this race.

From the top seven goalkeeper, no-one has registered more pictures than David Pastrnak from Boston. And no-one has a shoot percentage worse than Pasta, which hit 16.2%. (Eve's at 21.6%.)

Because these things tend to be a little over time and mainly because a man is organizing Pastrnak, Patrice Bergeron is approaching return, do not disregard the 22-year-old who does push after the Christmas for the trophy.

Even if Pastrnak insists he never considers winning the Rocket.

"To be honest, not at all. It's nice. I love scoring. It's fun," Pastrnak told me.

"I do not love scoring because of some races or anything. There's a game. That's what I'm doing. This is what I'm paying for. I love scoring, so I hope that I will continue. "

4. Is Christmas Day too early to send Lady Byng's Trophy out?

Florida's Aleksander Barkov has not yet committed a penalty, even though he spends half the game on ice and is thrown into the harder line co-links. In addition, it draws more children under age than anyone else

"Great status, is not it?" Bob Boughner, coach said.

To be sure But how is that possible?

Boughner says that Barkov has the most elite sense of hockey he has seen in a long time. It's never caught on the wrong side of pucks, and his coach is constantly surprised when watching games in the number of headed plays Barkov's loses in real time.

Others were asked on Thursday to explain the PIM phenomenon.

Luongo: "He is the best player two ways in the game, a bar down. He's smart. Especially in his age [23], to get that level of maturity already as a two-way player, you do not see that and very often at NHL anymore. We all know what we have in this refreshing room in Barky. We all love him. "

Jonathan Huberdeau, media: "It also removes penalties. The more in the league. It is faster than the other man, so it's always in a position to cut up plays. & # 39; n he has to get to get the puck. He's strong, and he shows his workplace. "

Auston Matthews, 2 PIM: "Just like me, it's not too physical, I do not try to go out and put men over the boards with big hits, but he is physically strong. Well, it's a good position at all times. That helps. Typically when you get a penalty, it's because you're in a bad situation or tired. You throw a stick out there and throw a man or hit the man. "

5. Barkov has excelled Connor McDavid and Mark Scheifele for the leading ice time (23:02), and that's talking to Finn's reliability as well as the lack of Florida depth in the center with Vincent Trocheck still in the long term.

He was definitely winning Tuesday at Buffalo Boughner to play his "only" MVP 20:51.

"That's a light night for him," said Boughner, worried about that night that Barkov, who works with special teams, permeates with 30.

"Obviously, that's not the best situation for us, but currently without Trocheck, especially in some of these games that are tight or going in overtime, or there are many penalties, that's the games that take their toll on him, "Boughner explains.

After having a surgery to repair a broken ankle crash, Trocheck now puts 20 to 30 percent of weight on his feet. There is still no timetable for return. (Good news: Nick Bjugstad could play as early as tonight in Detroit.)

Luongo believes Barkov's commitment and gym arrangements, something that came back from Jaromir Jagr, for his ability to remain in the forefront, despite the workload.

"We wish he could play 60 minutes instead of 30," said Luongo. "We're worried about it that it does not have the recognition that it deserves."

6. Most well-known for his point-producing days in Toronto, Bryan McCabe is now acting as a director of a player in Florida.

He was honored at Sunrise last Saturday, losing a ceremonial suit before the Leafs-Panthers game.

Mike Babcock's face illuminated when asked for "Caber." He had a story to say.

In McCabe's final season with Chief Officers of WHL Spokane and Babcock first, the trainer would play his fighter from a best defender. McCabe ended with 14 goals, 53 points and 115 penalties over 42 junior games under Babcock in 1994-95.

"I played it so big, it was lying on the bench quickly.Ohhhh!Just hurtin "Babcock laughs." In those days, you did not have many things to look after. It probably seems that it did not really hydrate. It probably seems that it did not feed it properly. All those things.

"Caber had a real hobby to love, the puck moved well, stepped in and she liked playing … This is a good settlement for him."

7. An amazing sport by Victor Hedman, one of the real nice men of the sport. Imagine being one of the children that opens this gift …

8. The Flyers is stunning since the firing of the trainer Dave Hakstol and breeds young Carter Hart, knocking off Nashville on Thursday.

But my favorite moment did not watch Hart's mom smiles as she makes her son well.

This is the winning, amazing, wonderful return of the recently retired Scott Hartnell.

First, he shot a stunning series of videos with Gritty, the only mascot that we would take in a cage cabbage over Tommy Hawk. Simply seeing Gritty and Hartnell in the same room give a brilliant sibling to the bed.

The Flyers then did a great job to enjoy fun in the Hartnell tenure, with montage highlights which only showed him fall down …

… and special video messages from former team members Kimmo Timonen and Jaromir Jagr:

But the pièce de résistance was the ceremonial ceremonial Hartsy, who played out as a scene of it Goon 3. Before dropping the pump between the Roman pals Josi and Claude Giroux, Hartnell throws money on the board.

"I'll get them, $ 100 for whoever earns it. Let's give us some density," said Hartnell to reporters. "G is one of the best on faces and the Romans are a defender, so something knew he was going to."

9. Blackhawks, GM Stan Bowman, Dylan Strome from Arizona screened as his No. 2 center behind Jonathan Toews and, in the perfect world, eventually takes the No. 1 role, once Toews (nine years ago higher) losing step.

After having more chance like the top six, Strome scored five times in his 11 first game with Chicago, doubling his production clip in his last days in the desert.

(Max Domi, Anthony Duclair and now Strome have improved better with changing scenes that should be relevant to Coyotes fans).

But Chicago is still losing games. Strome has already been tested in the wing and from the close friend Alex DeBrincat, with her illuminated in OHL Erie.

Their chemistry in the liver?

"Amazing. How many assistants did Stromer have just given him the pump?" Travis Dermott, Leafs guardian, said another NHL product of those talented otters.

"I've probably liked the best duo I've seen with any team, it's wise. They have a lot of fun with each other sure. from FaceTimes received since Strome traded? I do not know if they've gone away from FaceTime. "

We are interesting to see if Strome – is prematurely labeled on the 2015 draft class gap although it is 21 years old – can help guide Chicago's next wave. Dermott is sure to note it.

"Some men have to work a bit harder," said Dermott. "I have no doubt that it's going to be an influential player in this league."

10. Patrick Marleau has seen things over his 1,610 games in the league, but he had to watch and recycle and re-rotate a bit in the gymnastics of Andrei Vasilevskiy who was set on in Tampa.

How often did the veterans re-establish the re-play of what he could have given as a sure goal?

"It's probably like a good handful of times, it was pretty crazy, I'm just on the right on the line. He was dropped down on his head and, to draw out. It's amazingly. I try to forget about those as fast as possible, "said Marleau, still being disbelief days later.

"The rabbit had a night."

11. Through Hockey Night in Canada Maybe he had made a better job to promote the Maple Leafs mother's journey to Florida, the club was not sure the first to make a parent switch.

"It was a great success. The team did a great job with each other," said Ron Hainsey. "Certainly different to have the mothers rather than fathers."

How, Ron?

"There are many differences. I'm not going to block myself in and have trouble."

Even mothers of non-play members from the organization came along the journey.

"It's about building a family atmosphere. We're trying to do that as much as we can do. I think it's important for them to understand that we try to care for their children. best we can, "explained Babcock. "This was an opportunity for players to say thank their mothers for what they have done for them.

"It's totally different from the time these dads are here, but they have a great experience. high experience. There is a lot of noise, no question. They seem to have a great time. It's warm hearted, to be honest with you, just watching interaction. There is a lot of love there. For me, there was a lot of talk, a lot of laughter and a lot of fun. And that's a great thing. "

And, yes, the Leafs were holding the clip of Bonnie Marner's ditch in the series.

"Not all those who would chord would not go on Twitter, such as Hainsey and [Gardiner], "Matthews mentioned.

"You're looking at it. I like dancing. So just fine you'll get a video of a mom dancing in the crowd too. I think she has a & All the mothers are great time. "

12. A serious question that will sound like a homer question to some: Can the Maple Leafs send four players to the NHL All-Star 2019 Game?

The case could be made that five are deserving: Auston Matthews, John Tavares, Mitch Marner, Morgan Rielly and Frederik Andersen. The problem is that the NHL needs to be represented by all the eight teams in the Atlantic Region and, since moving to the 3-on-3 format, each department has 11 representatives.

The maths for five do not add to it, and that includes the Mellt restriction staring to one player, which is a bit ridiculous given that it is the best team It is in the league.

Tampa Host set the modern record with five representatives last season: Steven Stamkos, Nikita Kucherov, Andrei Vasilevskiy, Victor Hedman, along with a last minute injury, Brayden Point (Jon Cooper also trained).

In 2016, Nashville hosted four four: Pekka Rinne, James Neal, Roman Josi and Shea Weber.

Since the new solicitor format, no city that did not support the service was asked to send more than three skates ever.

Fairly or not, one or two or three Leaflets will be cheated.

I believe that Andersen will be ignored. Maybe Tavares too.

It's hard to see that the NHL does not want young, entertaining stars like Matthews (despite the injury), Marner and Rielly (just the defense scoring leader) to fly to San Jose and sell the but Buffalo (Jack Eichel, Jeff Skinner) and Tampa (Point, Stamkos, Kucherov, Hedman, Vasilevskiy) also have a number of candidates.

Hard post.

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