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F365 says: Ozil does not offer some evidence to prove that Emery is wrong


Publication date: Thursday, 21 February 2019 9:21

Arsenal fans got what they wanted most on Thursday night: remembering the Ozil Mesut. Unai Emery was also a man satisfied after the Gunners gave him a steady increase in the Europa League at 16 and, sorry for the Spouse, no more controversy than a centenny after a week, the manager spent the stealing The worst performance of his reign is comfortable.

"We'll play another 90 minutes next week and I'll be sure it will be different," Emery said after the serious 1-0 attack in Belarus in BATE Borisov. "I trust our players."

It seems that's not when it comes to Ozil. Only one start was given to Germany since the Boxing Day, with Emery is quite willing to voice her reasons for waiving the top Arsenal Payment player from his XI and, on occasion, the squad during the year altogether.

"The key is in his hands," said Emery yesterday, most likely to have decided to give Ozil an opportunity to tie the BATE lock. "I ask in our conversation about consistency, to be available for training, when you can train regularly you can help us with the best performance in the games. It needs to be consistently available for training, without the injuries, without the illness. Without that, we can not see the best Bill with us. "

After watching Ozil completes 90 minutes for the seventh time alone this season, both parties, supporters of Arsenal and Emery, will say that what they saw was further strengthening their original arguments. Ozil offered a tidy performance with the second hint inspiration – flick or hidden path – to meet the expectation of his fans. But against a team still in their close season who seemed to not share "100%" of Aleksei Baga that his side "will achieve the big result", Ozil Emery showed another little to enjoy his stance.

Ozil was employed in a central role behind Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang with a brief to make sure the center was better than Alexandre Lacazette last week, when the French star was so suddenly that it could no longer include its frustration. Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Alex Iwobi were given the opportunity to rescue themselves on the other side of the playmaker, and Ozil was left to the left on the left side of Ozil. Much was done to a good job off the ball to allow Iwobi to dart inside.

In possession, Ozil carried out the ball with the type of test that one could expect from a player who has lost just over half Arsenal games and, as suggested by Emery, there would be more training sessions than manager wants. Everything was safe and short, with Ozil getting the second highest number of junctions while keeping the best passiveness right. But you would be very hard to remember a lot of contributions.

When Arsenal's goals came, they came through a goal, a fast, high start-up product, and two corners were hanged by mid-back. A third of a 22-shot shot on the set of sets, with a BATE keeper Denis Scherbitski, enjoyed a relatively calm evening, despite so much play moving around his box. Ozil had three opportunities to prove Scherbitski. With the first, he turned over; the second was devoted; and the third was shanked wide.

Arsenal fans who gave a more enthusiastic reception to the name of Ozil than anyone else when it was announced before the fall was waiting with a breath to know if their hero would have another chance to get his eye in the this weekend The Gunners take half bottom resistance in two home games during the six days before the week where they face Tottenham and Manchester United alongside the first phase of the next round of the Europa League – a competition that was prioritized by Emery at a very early stage , and the importance was obvious in the manager's contact.

Ozil's inclusion showed that Emery was willing to consider the playmaker. But the manager will need much more convincing in the next week if Ozil is playing an assistant role during a period that could further define Arsenal's term.

Ian Watson

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