Monday , January 17 2022

Exoplanet 179 Moving Light Years from Us is Water In Its Atmosphere


Seeing planets that are outside the solar system are impossible for telescopes, as the stars' light of these forces overshadows their own brightness. However, astronomers can discover exoplanets and even study their composition and their environments. According to a new study that focuses on a 179-year-old planet away, scientists found that the exoplanet AD 8799 C had the water in its atmosphere.

HR 8799 covers the star AD 8799, along with three other planes, respectively known as HR 8799 B, D, and E. However, HR 8799 C is the most interesting of these four exoplanets as it is a massive seven-fold gas giant than Jupiter, the largest planet of a solar system.

Also, this exoplanet has 179 light years away water in its atmosphere. The discovery was made by astronomers using the Keck Observatory and its latest technologies in exoplanet observations. Thanks to that advanced telescope, scientists succeeded in analyzing a new analysis on AD 8799 C, originally found in 2008.

HR 8799 C Exoplanet 179 Eliminated Light Years We Have Water In Its Atmosphere

"This kind of technology [Keck Observatory] exactly what we want to use in the future to look for signs of life on a planet similar to Earth. We are not there yet, but we march forward, "said Dimitri Mawet, a astronomy professor at Caltech and a scientist at JPL, and co-author of the new study.

"At present, with Keck, we can already learn about the physics and dynamics of these large exotic planets, which are not like our own solar system planets," said Ji Wang, the leading author of the research.

In the case of the AD 8799 C exoplanet, Wang added that the scientists "are now more sure about the lack of methane in this planet. This could be due to mixing in the planet's atmosphere. The methane could be diluted, which we would expect It is there on the surface, weakened if the contact process grows deeper layers of the planet that does not have methane. "

According to the study, this exoplanet has 179 light years from us water in its atmosphere. However, this world is not alive.

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