Tuesday , August 9 2022

Epic Games can hold a Fortnite tournament without royale battle format | Dexerto.com


Epic Games are considering the idea of ​​maintaining Fortnite tournaments without royale battle methods, according to Jake POACH & # 39; and Team Liquid Brumleve.

Nature's fortnite is the title of the King's battle, with 100 players jumping out of the Battle Bus, landing on the map and searching for weapons and items as they try to eliminate enemies and that the person or person; The last team stands.

But with the introduction of the Fortnite Creative mode, players can now take part in normal ways that are separate from the main battlefield, and that Epic Games could use those special custom methods in future tournaments.

Players such as Tfue and Cloak have seen a huge success in the current current battle format.

During his Thursday, February 21, Fortnite, Jake POINT, Brumleve pro player noted that the developers discussed the possibility of future tournaments being played off the royale battle format .

"Fortnite has many possibilities outside the royales battle," POACH told his viewers. "I've talked to the developers about it and they're something that they're considering. With Creative being added, more tournaments could be based around things that are not royale fight. "

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