Thursday , February 25 2021

End of the Road (Work) in Sight for San Juan Drivers, says the Mayor

As busy and annual Christmas rush insects join, a number of drivers in San Ioan are frustrated by a number of viable building zones in the city. However, Mayor Danny Breen says there is road relief.

Breen states that the relocation of Polina Trawsffordd is complete but construction has continued on Kenmount Road as the water infrastructure upgrade is completed along the main drag.

Breen promises that work near Mall Avalon will expire sometime next week. It recognizes the headaches and slowdown that people have challenged in recent months. The city approved extended building hours for the crew that works on Kenmount Road as a way to support completion on time.

Breen says the Kenmount site will become extremely busy this week.

Work at Rabbittown and on Port Covegal Portugal will also fall down next week.

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