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Discovering "Not Not Fear in" The Sound Of Thunder "-


"The Sound Of Thunder"

Star Trek: Discovery Season 2, Episode 6 – Debuted Thursday, February 21st
Written by Bo Yeon Kim & Erika Lippoldt
Directed by Douglas Aarniokoski


With a good mix of character, suspense, and acting "The Sound of Thunder" brings another sound record to a better second season of Star Trek: Discovery. When presenting a large dose from back to Saru and Kelpiens, fans of the long-time show should be rewarded with small and small periods hitting season one, season two and Short Tracks. However, in order to keep the continuous time, many plot points appear to have been over-simplified or in some cases ignored. Doug Jones again stands out as Saru's character continues to grow and add new aspects.

"The Sound of Thunder" – Episode # 206 – Pictured (l-r): Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham; Doug Jones as a Saru; Hannah Spear as Siranna



The home is where the guy is

This episode starts with a voice over by Sar Jones-Doug Jones like that Short Tracks I read this episode "The Brightest Star." As we follow Saru starting another day in life, there is an element of sadness to Kelpien, taking advantage of his lost threat that he is a ganglia as a member of a brother, and talks about how everyone comes from " somewhere, "knowing that Starfleet rules keep it from ever seeing its home again.

As he visits an illness bay, we collect the story of his conversion from two episodes when he lost his threat ganglia through the "Vahar" process and "Dr Pollard now informs him that there is some sort of spices than Tooths grow now their place. Therefore, nothing inadequate about that. She also confirms that her reaction fear – what has been what has been defined – all but gone. Saru is so curious as we want to find out "What is Kelpien without fear?" Turning into the theme of faith for the season, it also presses whether it is "guided", but with the mythology of its homeworld now it is considered to be a lie, It is an interesting question that he can imagine who could lead him.

And if Saru was looking for a sign, he may have had one in red neon, as the ship raises one of those pudding red bursts. Surprisingly, it comes from Kaminar, a home home of Saru, and so he turns out that he can go home again. Pike also sees a sign, stating that he can not be a coincidence after he has begun to punctuate into the whole red burst thing that one shows at the home of his first world. So, if you were hoping that searching for a specific Vulcan that dominated this season would eventually have some pay, Saru is your Spock Bloc a week.

The tour offers the opportunity to get rid of a big revelation, including some flash Short Tracks. We also learn some new things about Kaminar, including how Kelly, who dominates Kelpiens, is native to the world and has developed glass trips before decades. The Federation was contacted; However, the signal sent out turns out to be the same Saru sent in Short Tracks. The Ba "ul does not want to do anything to the Federation, but the red spark means that our crew does not have a choice to go, even if they do not want it. Or run through Pike's Pike fashion: "Let's knock on the front door and see if they're a solution."

Pike and Saru may see signs, but they are not on the same page. This first idea comes in a fun minute when Saru forgets disgraceful to leave the captain's chair after Pike goes to the bridge, but that's the start. It's incredibly open, pointing out to the captain with "Why would you trust those who have nurtured my home for centuries with fear and lie?" Once they appear and the signal disappears and the Ba * u ul starts to stimulate their requests for contact, Saru needs to be on the landing party, taking such an attitude Michael must join. Saru is acting very much like the unmanaged version of Pahvo in "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum." Yet, Pike is convinced by Burnham that Saru is necessary.

Call me lanky again …

Again this season, the red shadows appear to have turned the Main Directive in the Main Tips as they quickly decide that it is not very much to connect to the primitive Kelpiens, because it is & Probably they have heard about traveling in the Bazaar. Pike handwaves has some concern with "We can extend a General General Order, but we will not cut it in the process," but he will soon forget his own words. Unfortunately, this means we can not see Michael Burnham transformed into Kelpien, with indigenous clothing being considered enough for this man to be damaging to mix in a planet of beams that could all be in the NBA .

Once on the homeworld, Saru cares and shares a nice moment with Michael as he talks about his time living under the threat of "culling" and how his father was an incredible colleague. "She tells her about the" vigilant eye "which, suited for this oppression place, sounds like something out The Story of the Handmaid's Story. Sonequa Martin-Green and Doug Jones continue to have one of the best dynamics on the show and we see more growth for these two brothers and sisters as she leaks her Vulcan side and her; to be comforted by holding her hand. The journey is also time for Saru to reconcile with the real sister of Siran, who is under the control of "Star Galac Bach" in Star Trek is the first person who is going in her old village.

Thanks to the general translator, Siranna meets his first ally, and because it is based on primitive fear, it seems pretty cool to him. Not a suggestion of ganglia. Serenna is a nice moment when Siranna learns about the wider universe and how her brother has joined this thing from the Federation name. Showing her internal Brit, she is pulled off and invites them to the south.

But they are proven as they play Siranna for information about Red Angel and they realize that Saru is not there for him, and then it's about to start unpacking luggage & family. She turns out that she is quite pissed from her brother for filing on them. Or also death, taken by the Ba. She hides him: "You run away because you were not brave enough to face the Big Balance as the rest of us do." After the Ba * e start starts shaking the whole village, it's time to end the Siranna ganglia coming out and the landing party takes it as their queue to stick back to Discovery, empty hand. Probably this is the best thing, as the way the family's squash was headed, Saru may have expired in the Kelpien version of Cops.

It gives you. Nice guy

New man?

Saru is not the only person with some personal crisis. Above in the bay, Dr Hugh Culber's new resurrection does not know what to do with her. He spent nine months in the mycelial network, and we saw in the previous episode how he lost his reality. Now he's found home, alive and he has smell that new body, as he says he's "brand new, down to the last molecule."

Paul Stamets is so proud to have his partner back that he can not see how Culber is freaked out by the whole thing, down to his missing scam. This Culber body may be "dangerous" but is not ready, and this is well played by Wilson Cruz who conveys much without saying much. This is a man who is still depressing and this show does not just hit his reset button and move on.

Look at who has had two tickets to the gun show … ka-pow!

Managing anger

Back on the bridge, Pike finally connects to the Balance, and it's pissed. In order to keep things light, they will only communicate with sound, which somehow also puts the lights on the bridge to add the additional level of shortcomings. With a charm that would make the Sheliak appear like Talaxians, they insist that Saru is turned into a property, saying that Starfleet promises not to take them into their affairs. Again ignoring Pike, Saru is provoking and embracing the Baul full of the rebellious way, talking about how he knows the truth of the Vahar and how he Ba "ul" stopped "the evolution of the Kelpiens. But it's taken by the answer of "you do not even know what you are."

Pike manages its bridge back and although they are already warning red, it's a Rhys command to "heat the phasers," because that's how much it wants to shoot on something. He gives another good Pike address about how Saru is "our people" and does not go anywhere, adding the passive-aggressive warning, "I suggest that you consider your next move very carefully. " Not surprised by the huge ships that surrounded the Discovery, Pike was too excited that he had something worth being photocopied. He also orders commanding the unwanted Saru from his bridge as he does not weigh anyone from anyone; The same is the case for Tyler, who is on the Pike list.

We've surrounded us completely, right where we want

But as this is the incredible new Saru, rather than just kneeling off to quarters, it's going straight to the glue room, watching the bad carriers operator, # 39; n syrru away. When Michael shows to give her the best – by quoting the question why she left her job on the bridge in the middle of an emergency – he's pulled the Spock card, using an illegal trip to avoid turning it out. Both are truly a family, which means that they know exactly what buttons to push.

After surrendering himself to defend his village, Saru ends in a cell on a Ba? Ul ul. They also carry her sister up to enjoy something more on him, because they're the bad thing. He says she becomes a priest to find him, adding her sense of guilt. Hannah Spear performs effective performance, making these sentence moments land. Doug Jones makes it easy, but it's really an achievement to do this under all those Kelpien stuff.

The emotional attachment has been broken by the first appearance of Ba & # 39; ul, which comes out of an oily black pond and is really awful. With a look highlighting Armus-the creature that killed carefully, Tasha Yar-any Trek fan should feel the immediate threat. The creature does not have scattered red eyes with only Saru's contempt. Kudos for the designers and the constitution team that created genuine ties that look aliens mainly using practical effects. This was enhanced by excellent sound design and effective music.

Do not think that Visine is going to work on those

Geek Squad

Tilly and Airiam help the problem in the laboratory, the men who have increased, which, surprisingly, deliberately solve a great deal of data, such as all the things they got from the ancient red circle ancient "Obol For Charon." Investigating and analyzing data is a great way for Star Trek to get on a problem and this team of nerds reaches the task, especially Airiam. Or, as Tilly says, "When I said we have meant Airiam." Turning out the sphere is an "informative galaxy slice of a galaxy gel", including historical scans of Kaminar dating back to thousands of years.

Michael Burnham joined and used the power of mathematics, statistics, and more, and the team stated that thousands of years ago, the Kelpiens "had developed", as Saru has done by going through & # 39; r Vahar & ai; And there is a great twist in this second stage, Kelpiens is actually a predator that has almost disappeared almost. Then he used the technology to fight back and oppress the Kelpiens. At one time the Ba population was down to 267, but they turned back in a large way, eliminating all "evolving" and somehow re-introducing a "unexpected" Kelpiens in the ecosystem. This is one of those things that make sense until you're thinking about it and then it's getting curious, so you're better to take it on now. The bottom line: the gang solved the great mystery, and the terrible mask pulled out to find that it was the Kelpiens along. Ruh Roh!

Airiam takes some extreme identity

Live the revolution

Back on the Ba * ul ul, Saru works through some of the issues in his own way, which includes displaying his new quilting shooting capability. This leads to a greater disrespect of the Balance, which hides behind pieces and drones to protect itself. It is revealed that Saru is the first Kelpien to pass through Vahar in 2000 years, with astonishing "that your original original response is the same as centuries ago."

Now as attractive as Filain's Batman reveals his big plan, Ba & # 39; ul indicates how they believe the Kelpiens can not control themselves, and his only access was to force & # 39; the "Great Balance" I stopped through Logan's Run-ing before they could be Vahar or to predators. Slowly we realize that this is a Living person in fear as he says "we will never allow the past to be repeated." Is there a message about over-dependence on technology and how it can make you isolated? And maybe a message about the fear of another, and change?

Someone has to think, why does the Ba? Ll go to all the trouble? Why did not they eliminate Kelpiens centuries ago? The Kelpiens may need the Kelpiens for some reason, perhaps for slave labor. And of course, we learned in the Mirror Universe that Kelpiens was tasty.

X is for xenophobic

But it appears in each of these centuries, Ba & # 39; ul has forgotten what Kelpien's post-Vahar can do, as Saru shows more senior powers, breaking out of arms and playing balls with Ba & ul ulcers. Kelpien, who is fully matured, states that he is now "the way we intend to take it." After the Bai was afraid, Saru MacGyvers is a communicator and calls his pals on the Discovery. And now things are actually cray-cray.

Saru smash!

Saru is now ready to take her revolution into a big time. He is eager to use a combination of high tech technical Big Red Shere Ba with some Tilly tweaks to give each Kelpien small Vahar, to "show Kelpiens and Ba yan what we could do alike. " Forgeting concerns about bending the Main Directive, Pike rarely argues for this huge decision.

Once again, Michael Burnham is steering Pike, who has gone Captain Captain's to almost blind. The arguments are full of Star Trek's hope but feel naive. Everyone seems to be surprised that the Ba * ul ul fights against this scheme. Their huge stronghold finds Legion of Doom-style, ready to go for the Kelpiens's full killer. While solving problems that are going to eliminate whole planets, species and universities appear on what this crew does on average on Tuesday, they are not fully prepared for this.

The Laserium Kaminar Show should not be lost

Pike drops his politics, calling the Ba- "ul" bastards and told them "your Kelpiens's fear has been blinded to a peaceful answer. "It also starts to publish some more sweet threats about how they will keep it up" become our enemies, choose wisely. "But the USS Discovery is not in a position to take the 4,056 pylons installed to eliminate every village of innocent Kelpiens. Finally, can shoot on something, it's casually saying" let's start, "even if the attempt is unfortunately. Although Anson Mount always performs a strong performance, Pike is across the map in this episode, and at times harasses.

Only when all hope seems to lose, Angel Coch appears to Saru and Siranna. Saru was convinced earlier that there was a lead hand, and he had come to the conclusion that they brought Kaminar from the red beer to legislate his plan to release his people. It seems that it could have been right, because the Red Angel does something that should be impossible (according to Hammer): Presto, the Ba rally are neutralized. And that's wrapped on the Big Balance.

God Of Angelic

To send the point that the Kelpiens has come to a prominent feature of his puppet, Saru has surrounded him with similar butterfly creatures as he visits & # 39 ; to blanket home again, walking among his now-evolved brothers who have no idea what to do without their ganglia. Siranna states "you do not have to fear any more," as we can see the weight of his world now pulling away from Saru's shoulders. Doug Jones is a treasure.

It came to me. I saw. I'll kick some …

And in a lovely minute, Siranna visits the USS Discovery, to look down on her home page of the place for the first time. These types of scenery could be smart for Star Trek, but it's never old and shooting beautiful. Curiously, she asks her to join her on her space adventures, which seems a little scary as Kepliens is full of the planet that needs to be kept from eating all Ba & # 39 ; ul at breakfast the following day. She's up to that task, telilng "you have to think that it's free before Kelpien and Allah get each other."

There is also tied in to Short Tracks, as Siranna tells Saru "I know you were not leaving Kaminar in fear but I hope that you came back with you," that is about Star Trek as she comes Free of fear, Siranna's ugly sense is infectious. After she goes back, Saru and sister sister Michael re-connect and she discovers that this adventure has been told she is ready to return home to Vulcan.

So the search for Spock is back on … again.

I can see my coat here

You say potatoes, I say that time travels following its own agenda

Another small story that runs through this episode deals with Section 31 and their view of the Angel Red. The Tyler Agent and Captain Pike continue to confront, with Section 31 seeing dangerous enemies and Pike retaining an open mind, indicating how far all the signals have been sent to rescue trips. Tyler also suggests that the Red Angel is able to "take time attacks" and believe it is not good and Spock behind may be mad.

After the Kaminar mission ends, Saru's super-vision offers his assessment of Angel Coch, and he has seen as "humanoid wearing mechanical suit display technology far from you beyond the powers of the current Federation. " Tyler talks about the mysterious "Management" that threatens the assessment, but Pike thinks he's a little paranoid. All this adds to some tension and nice conflicts between these characters, with both actors standing their land. Things are not too personal for Tyler, who likes Section 31, seems to have left the war behind, saying to Pike, "Some of us are still off." (Especially those who are really Klingons really) Anson Mount is a great job responding to what Tyler said with some disorder, as we know that Pike also has some wills not to be left out of the war as we learn "Brother."

Did you say Management? Stimulate silence cone!


Actual and consequences of reduction

The review last week discussed how Discover Have had a mixed record of playing things by showing the results for the characters. But on the whole, this week was well paid on a number of elements of the season and even back to season one. This was particularly true of the character of Saru, with this episode raising things from Pahvo's journey to one season, his original story from Short Tracks, and especially "The Obol for Charon," where he went through the Vahar. There are also a few things, such as mentioning his superior vision during the first episode of the season, which plays his ability to get the clearest vision of Angel Coch in this episode again.

And although the Culber story is kept in the background to make time for the big story of Kelpien, we can see clearly that returning the good doctor will not be a simple thing. He is not the same man, nor should he be. It seems that even Tilly has been changed by its experience in the last episode, which is now less frazzled and more focused. Although it is disappointing that the USS Discovery had detected the USS Voyager replacement button – the one that prevented all damage by the next chapter – there was no sign of the damage that Discovery took part in the network mycelial or last episode.

In general, the second season continues to improve on how this show deals with its own continuity. Although the focus is often with Trek shows showing how they link to the chanon of the other shows, arguing is more important.

"The Sound of Thunder" introduced us to a new Saru, who is not afraid. As he was the part of the savior, his changes were mostly kept in positive light. However, a number of suggestions were dropped out that this new Saru might be quite dangerous and could have severe anger management problems. Hopefully, this story is not over again and they are willing to take more risks with the character.

Saru looks at her head

Domo arigato, Ms. Robot

"The Sound of Thunder" makes another effort when making the bridge crew feel more and more. As the second season goes on, we start to get more sense between who these characters, especially Owosekun and Detmer. Welcome to the character of a welcome in this chapter is the Lt. Commander Airiam mysterious, the man who is improving technology that has inspired fans since the first season.

Although she has a lot to do and a few things to say, we still do not know anything about her origin, and you would be welcome to explore the history of this character and to update the term two. One could argue that Airiam can offer a window to deal with issues that depend on technology or a period of artificial intelligence. But let's be honest: it's cool, and we want to see and learn more about it.

I can collect data from an ancient field, but I can not decode half what Tilly is talking about

General WTF Order?

Perhaps the most controversial aspect of the episode was how the Main Directive was handled, or the One Starfleet General No. The rules about the lack of interference are at the root of Star Trek and have been explored in several episodes as well as in the feature films. A plant with two sensitive species but only one that is technically advanced adds an interesting attraction, and something that Trek has explored is that of that. But this season, the Red Angel arc appears and red bursts make this core part of Star Trek taking a back seat. The irony is that it can be argued that a term that deals with the theme of faith achieves Trek's most cardinal sin.

What Pike and the crew decided to do by substantially changing the nature of society and the power balance on Kaminar deserved more than a moment of thinking and discussion. Captain Picard would be stunning. Even Captain Kirk could even be taken by what the crew did the Disco, although he did something similar in "The Apple," but even Kaminar's not even had the same risks. The Discovery crew even admits that what they did not solve it for generations. So who will make sure that the Mature couple and Kelpiens play nice in the meantime? We do not even see a scene showing Kelpien and Pop with each other, starting the alignment. They are literally and figuratively leaking a bomb on the tinderbox of dual civilization and they are likely to go and let them solve them for themselves. Unbelievable Unexpected. Unacceptable.

This concern over the Main Directive is Trekkie now-looking or eager for characters sitting on a long table where stellar debates are discussed in detail. Yes, the Main Directive as a plot device intends to be broken, because that's where the play is. How it is being treated Discover is a missed opportunity for drama and over-simplifying Star Trek's mission. She's sure she's easy to create toxic sheets and relax to save the day and put things right, but as Admiral Cornwell said in the last week's chapter, never build a nation It is quite fair and culture re-shaping should not be so simple.

Starfleet will be billed for all that obelis

Better than the amount of its parts

"The Sound of Thunder" was a good chapter that tied its various story elements well and did not try to take too much other thread thread, which has been a problem with other chapters this season. After combined with her Short Tracks "The Brightest Star," who shares both the authors and director, we have a pretty good history of the history of Saru and his history. But there are many gaps to fill in, and if you're thinking too hard about how all the Vahar worked in the old time and how it could & # 39; r Ever return from almost disappearing, you may have a headache. And while the Spock tease has extended for another episode, we finally appear to have somewhere on the Red Angel lane line.

So, the credit of Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt have tied so many elements of previous periods to pay here and determine things, and still provide a complete story. They know and love Star Trek and show how they sprayed into truck elements and add some social commentary and vocabulary along the way.

Doug Jones had the heavy work in this episode and drew away, even as Saru moved almost bipolar in mood to mood, a scene to the scene. Hannah Spear's star star increased to the occasion playing Siranna's sister.

The director of Douglas Aarniokoski kept the journey right, with a perfectly-balanced episode of silent character moments, action, suspension and humor. However, there is a tension with Discover Directors need to encourage cameras around tables faster and faster to stop, as it highlights. Trust your audience, your actors and their score to maintain interest, even when people talk.

Are we there again?

Random thoughts, links, fish eggs, and more

  • The lungs are not used even when traveling to Kaminar who is "outside the Federation space". The future of the drive is unclear after previous periods reveal that it has caused JahSepp damage to the network.
  • Watching Saru Capacity: A threat is being replaced by ganglia with spin explosions. And a great strength.
  • Kaminar is a Class M planet. The Kaminar system has six planets in co-ordination 404.119.381
  • In Short Tracks "And Bright Bright," Lt. Georgiou wiped with the "SHN 03" designation saying he came from the USS Shenzhou (a ship that she would finish later), but set up "The Sound of Thunder" that he really had placed on board the USS Archimedes, named for the famous Greek mathematician of antiquity. So, the "SHN" was removed from its shuttle for the flash scene, but it can be seen again Short Tracks.
  • And again from the aim of this season to antiquity, Burnham notes a Greek playwright, Aeschylus – known as the disaster father – with the quotation "The person who is" 39 ; n learn to suffer and even in our sleeping pain can not forget. Fall by dropping your heart. "
  • Ba & # ul ul design chamber and use of mobile drones are reminiscent Star Wars: Episode IV scenes with Darth Vader and Leia on the Star of Death.
  • Aradar's recent father's name is Saru.
  • It appears that the inside of the Ba * # ul ship where Saru is retained just to the transport set.
  • Burnham says "interesting", lending one of the holdings of his brother brother Spock.
  • Burnham spends some of the episode wearing a Starfleet white shirt that he had not seen in front of it, but it's probably standard when it is still standing According to the clothes she was worn on Kaminar.
  • He was played by friend-of-Doug-Jones and actor Javier Botet creatures.
  • The episode contains Kelpien's oral language (as he did "Short Tracks). The Marc Okrand Linguist (who developed Klingon and Vulcan) believed to be "Kelpien's language advisor."

Google Maps even includes Kaminar

Georgiou's shuttle has been painted red Retcon

Another new Discovery T-shirt, coming soon to a retailer close to you

Maybe I'm primitive, but can not we just get out of it?

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