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Did Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson Really Get Along?


Princess Diana and the Daughter Sarah Ferguson in hats Princess Diana and the Duchess Sarah Ferguson Royally Fergie through Instagram

Something that many people have questioned over the years was the relationship between Sarah Ferguson and Princess Diana. He was always a hot topic since both daughters married and divorced the English monarchs, Queen Elizabeth II, and was regarded as rebels of the royal family.

In the 80's, the Princess of Wales and the Duchess of York joined the famous family and appeared very well like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle today. But the relationship of Fergie and Diana was much more complicated than the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex.

Here's the answer to see if they were best friends or bitter competitors.

They met long before they got married

The princess and the duchess actually belonged and knew each other long before they met with their princes.

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, Fergie revealed that she and Diana were the descendants of William Cavendish, Fourth Devonshire, who made them fourth cousin.

The girls refused to touch for some time, but they were rebuilt again when Diana was 19 and Ferguson was 21. They often went out to lunch with each other and had a lot in common so when Diana Charles married in 1981, Fergie invited the royal relative.

Then, in the future, a future child would visit a child in Kensington State and one day Diana decided to play a friend to her friend with her sister-in-law, Prince Andrew . Diana Ferguson recommended the queen, who invited Fergie to "lunch and sleep at Windsor Castle during the Ascot week." At lunch, Ferguson was sitting next to Andrew and that's when they start to have a romantic relationship.

Sisters in law and competitors

Princess Diana and Duchess Sarah Ferguson Princess Diana and the Duchess Sarah Ferguson Royally Fergie through Instagram

Five years after the Prince and Princess of Wales tied the knot, the world saw another royal wedding as Ferguson and Andrew said "I'm in a daunting relationship in Westminster Abbey."

Diana and Fergie were now sister-in-law and only shared a bond that could just understand. But while they were so close they were all young and felt the huge pressures of being perfect and fitted with the royal family.

When Fergie came on, she surpassed some royal times and sport that was not the princess. This did not sit well with Diana who told her biographer, Andrew Morton, that Ferguson "knit everyone in this family and doing so well. He left me look like a dirt." The princess said he was still Charles's age told her, "I'd like you to be like Fergie-all are proud."

However, there was a struggle in the paradise for both women who were dissatisfied with being dissatisfied with their royal lives and that husbands' weddings brought them together again. Both separated from the princes in 1992 and went back to be a big child, went out to lunch again, and they had a holiday with their children.

However, things did not wait so.

The last straw

In 1996, Diana stopped talking to Ferguson for good. He says that he had no idea why, but many have guessed that the princess was not proud of some of the things that Fergie wrote about in his autobiography.

Diana Princess Diana was sad in 1997 and both of them have not made any amendments.

"We were brothers and sisters … we're returning. And the most expensive thing, at the end, we had not spoken for a year," Ferguson revealed.

Fergie is still talking to Diana's sons from time to time, and even Prince Harry's marriage attended Meghan Markle in May 2018.

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